Elden Ring Fan Makes a Timeline of Wars in The Lands Between

One highly informed Elden Ring player makes a timeline of the wars that happened throughout The Lands Between. The world of Elden Ring is full of conflict as it has seen numerous violent encounters and wars over several centuries. Beings from multiple factions inhabit The Lands Between, and it’s only natural that some groups will have disagreements, leading to violent conflicts.

Currently, The Golden Order sits at the top of the power structure, thanks to the contribution of prominent figures like Queen Marika, Radagon, and Godfrey. However, the current power dynamics of The Lands Between result from multiple wars over hundreds of years between several groups. The war of The Shattering is one of the most famous and crucial wars in Elden Ring’s lore, as the demigod children of Radagon and Marika fought over the control of Great Runes. Many other wars took place before the events of Elden Ring began, and one meticulous gamer has made a comprehensive timeline showing every major violent conflict.


Reddit user octobersveryown616 shared a picture on the Elden Ring subreddit that shows a detailed timeline of all the wars in The Lands Between. The user has divided the entire timeline into three eras, Godfrey’s Reign, Radagon’s Reign, and The Shattering. The first significant war occurs during Godfrey’s Reign when The Golden Order fights the Fire Giants when the latter are severely beaten, and only a single Fire Giant remains who must protect the Flame of Ruin. After this, Godfrey goes on a conquering spree, subjugating many powerful factions of The Lands Between, including the Ancient Dragons from Elden Ring.

Godfrey’s reign ends with his banishment, and soon Marika marries Radagon, ushering in a new age. Radagon’s reign was relatively peaceful compared to Godfrey’s, as only a few violent conflicts occurred, including the Liurnian Civil War. However, two highly significant events occurred during Radagon’s reign, The Night of The Black Knives and The Shattering of Elden Ring. Godwyn the Golden is slayed by Black Knife Assassins of Elden Ring when they steal the rune of death from Maliketh The Black Blade, an event that later came to be known as the Night of The Black Knives. It is believed Ranni worked in cahoots with the Black Knife Assassins and helped them steal the rune of death.

Finally, the Shattering is among the most famous events in Elden Ring’s history and sets the stage for the game’s beginning. Marika destroyed the Elden Ring, weakening the control of the Greater Will over The Lands Between. She was ultimately imprisoned for this act, and the Elden Ring split into multiple Great Runes, which became prized items for demigods like Malenia and Radahn.

Elden Ring is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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