Elden Ring Fan Customizes Escape Key on Keyboard With Great Jar Alexander

An Elden Ring player now has Iron Fist Alexander resting on their keyboard’s escape key. The RPG has gained a number of fans since it released this past February and is one of the biggest successes this year. This has led to a number of art pieces being based on Elden Ring, ranging from paintings to sculptures based on the game’s many characters.

Iron Fist Alexander is an NPC in Elden Ring that can be encountered stuck in the ground. Players can help him out, which will lead to him becoming an NPC Summon. It will also open up a side quest featuring the character that leads to a number of items for the player to acquire, including the Jar Helmet.


A Reddit user named renihskcocffokcuf shared an image of their keyboard, which has been customized. Where the escape key is supposed to be instead sits Iron Fist Alexander from Elden Ring on a patch of dirt with some grass. The key features an amazing amount of detail, including the runes seen around the jar and his top. The gamer stated that now whenever they want to hit escape to rage-quit the game, Alexander will be sitting on the keyboard judging them. The piece is impressive and would be perfect for any Elden Ring fan.

A number of Redditors has expressed their love for the keycap, with the post currently sitting at over 2,000 upvotes. One Elden Ring fan called the piece incredible and said that they need one, while a number of gamers asked where they can get an Alexander key for themselves. A number of users joked that ALT+F4 can still be used to rage-quit, though one commenter jested that the Living Jars standing on those keys cannot be seen as they are out of frame.

Renihskcocffokcuf is not the only one with a piece of art based on the giant Living Jar. A Redditor known as VogelSlayer posted images of a crochet version of Elden Ring’s Alexander. The doll retains a number of the features that can be seen on the character in-game, which includes the patterns seen around his body. The piece also features the cap seen on Alexander that also includes the symbols seen on it in the game. The crochet doll even has characteristics such as the cracks seen on the NPC’s body, adding another level of detail. Both VogelSlayer and renihskcocffokcuf presented amazing pieces of art based on Elden Ring that those who love the game can enjoy.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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