Elden Ring Comet Azur Glitch Makes Spell Completely Ineffective

While the Comet Azur spell has been associated with overpowered sorcery builds, one player uses a glitch to turn it into an inaccurate machine gun.

Since Elden Ring first released, two builds have been at the top of the power charts in both PVP and PVE: bleed builds and sorcery builds. Specifically, Elden Ring‘s sorcery builds have become a beloved and hated part of the game due to their ability to tear both players and bosses to shreds in mere seconds.

The evolution of sorcery builds has led to faster and faster playthroughs and boss kills, such as a 30-second kill of Elden Ring‘s final boss using specific items, spells, and buffs. By gaining access to a good combination of damage boosts, FP cost reduction, and a good spell, pretty much any character can go from a lowly Tarnished to a spell-slinging Elden Lord in no time.


The main spell responsible for the power of these builds is Comet Azur. One of the legendary Elden Ring sorceries, Comet Azur is a devastating channeled beam of light that decimates anything it touches. Numerous clips have been compiled where a sorcerer uses Comet Azur to quite literally one-shot some of the game’s toughest bosses. However, recently a player discovered a hilarious glitch that causes the Comet Azur to fire off in random directions, turning the spell into a mostly innefective laser beam machine gun.

Using the Holy Ground Ash of War in combination with Comet Azur, Reddit user shsbhshsvaa managed to turn one of the game’s most powerful single-target spells into an area-of-effect style barrage of beams. At first, it looks as though this new strategy will prove quite effective against large groups of enemies, particularly the group slowly approaching shsbhshsvaa. However, instead the beams start to fizzle and fire off into the air in random directions comparable to Elden Ring‘s musical horn weapons.

In the above video, YouTuber Leviathan breaks down how the glitch works in greater detail. In short, using the Ashes of War Seppuku and Holy Ground along with the Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear equipped on a Flask of Wondrous Physick allows a player to become practically invulnerable to elemental damage. However, using part of this glitch rather than completing it causes a character to constantly shake. Shsbhshsvaa used this part of the glitch to their advantage, creating a hilarious clip that transformed the unstoppable Comet Azur into nothing more than a slightly deadly strobe light.

With tons of clips showing an Elden Ring boss one-shot by Comet Azur, shsbhshsvaa’s clip was a refreshing change of pace. While it would certainly ruin the spell’s effectiveness, it is funny to imagine the Comet Azur being a high-risk spell that fires randomly rather than the death beam players and bosses fear.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Source: Gamerant

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