Elden Ring Clip Shows Many Players Make Radagon Boss Fight Harder Than It Needs to Be

An Elden Ring player shares a helpful trick that lets other users easily dodge one of Radagon’s most annoying series of attacks.

Elden Ring arguably has some of the most challenging bosses in FromSoftware’s history. The endgame bosses were criticized for being too hard, especially for melee users, and many players claimed that Elden Ring had balance issues at launch. FromSoftware has released several patches since then to implement some much-needed balance changes. Please note that there are potential spoilers as the final boss is discussed.Radagon is one of the main story bosses in Elden Ring as fans encounter him right at the end of the game, where he functions as phase 1 of the final boss. Immediately following Radagon, players then fight Elden Beast without any checkpoint in between. Fighting them back-to-back is no easy task, but one gamer found a trick to avoid one of Radagon’s deadliest attacks.


A user named Luvonir shares a clip, claiming that it provides a stress-free way to avoid Radagon’s triple hammer slam. When using this move, Radagon takes his hammer and slams the ground three times, with the third attack being the most powerful and most challenging to avoid. Luvonir simply jumps in the air as soon as Radagon hits with the hammer, completely avoiding the attack without much difficulty. The timing of the last jump can be tricky, but it’s probably easier to perform than to roll and hope that Radagon misses the attack.

The Dark Souls games don’t have a jump button, so many players share that they forget about this mechanic during boss fights. One user mentions hating Elden Beast’s magic circle attack before coming across an Elden Ring walkthrough that recommended jumping over the rings. Another player claims that all area-of-effect attacks can be easily avoided by jumping over them. According to Bacuco, it’s also possible to stagger Radagon as he prepares the third swing of the hammer.

Some Elden Ring bosses are known for delaying their attacks to trick users into dodging early. Fans can encounter this as early as the fight against Margit, the first major boss. Many Elden Ring players expressed frustration at this mechanic when it launched, and it’s perhaps one of the biggest reasons melee users have difficulty during endgame fights.

Coincidentally, Luvonir is the same player who shared a video of them defeating both Radagon and Elden Beast in 30 seconds. Users can see them jump to avoid Radagon’s attacks, proving its usefulness against similar moves. Luvonir then uses the Comet Azur strategy, which allows users to extend the duration of the beam to defeat the Elden Beast within a few seconds.

Elden Ring is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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