Elden Ring Clip is Reminder Why Players Need to Be Careful, Even on New Game+

One Elden Ring player shares a clip that serves as a hilarious reminder of why players always need to be careful, even on New Game+ playthroughs.

Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s most ambitious title yet, which means it contains a truly staggering number of ways that players can die. The game is well known for its grueling difficulty, which can demand that players change their entire build to approach certain bosses. Now, one Elden Ring player shares a short clip that acts as a reminder of why players need to be careful, even on New Game+ mode.

New Game+ mode is unlocked after gamers complete the main campaign for the first time and choosing an Elden Ring ending. All levels and runes are kept for the new playthrough, although Great Runes must be obtained and restored again. The enemies will grow stronger, including bosses, and the number of runes dropped by foes will increase in turn.


Redditor haru6997 shared a short video of a hilarious event that happened during their third playthrough, which serves as a reminder that Elden Ring players should never let their guard down. At the beginning of the video, the player is shown hopping across rooftops in a platforming section. They run past a number of bloodstains without stopping to investigate. As they begin their next leap, an enemy swoops down from above and sends them flying into the void.

It’s well-known that Elden Ring features one of the hardest bosses in FromSoftware history, but the idea that even the platforming sections can be fatal may take some gamers by surprise. Falling before the overwhelming attacks of demigods and monsters is one thing, but deaths like this are something else entirely. Gamers may find the idea of dying because they missed a jump to be harder to swallow. However, haru6997 simply stated in the video description that the game had gotten them good. This suggests that even incidents like this may end up feeling like part of the struggle between soulslike game and soulslike player.

As of writing, it appears that other Elden Ring fans sympathize with haru6997’s plight. This isn’t the first time Elden Ring players have had trouble with ledges, but it may be one of the most sudden. One user stated that the game had decided haru6997 was too good at platforming and decided to punish them. Several other users joked that haru6997’s overconfidence had led to this situation, and even haru6997 themself admitted they had briefly forgotten what type of game they were playing. The downside of an open-world soulslike game is that it’s very easy for monsters to show up where they aren’t wanted and one-shot players.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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