Dungeons and Dragons Next D&D Direct to Show Off Virtual Tabletop, Products, and More

Dungeons and Dragons has scheduled its first D&D Direct for 2023. This exciting digital event will show off a handful of new things coming to Dungeons and Dragons, including a first look at the new official virtual tabletop, upcoming products, and tie-ins to the Honor Among Thieves movie.

D&D Direct is a digital streaming event Dungeons and Dragons holds to show off new products, announcements, and things coming to the game soon. It recently revealed the first D&D Direct for 2023 will be taking place on March 28 at 9 a.m. PST/12 PM EST. The show will run for 30 minutes, and can be watched on the official YouTube and Twitch channels for both Dungeons and Dragons and D&D Beyond.


The upcoming event will feature all sorts of Dungeons and Dragons announcements. Official tie-ins to the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves movie are coming soon, as are other new partnerships that have yet to be announced. Dungeons and Dragons is also ready to give its first look at the official D&D VTT it is developing. While players can expect to hear a little bit about future Dungeons and Dragons books, they can expect a deep dive into these tabletop products later this year.

This D&D Direct is being hosted by Ify Nwadiwe and Gina Darling. Nwadiwe is a comedian and gamer famous for his appearance on actual play streams like Critical Role and Dimension 20, while Darling is known for her work as a Twitch streamer and TV host formerly involved with G4TV and WWE.

Once the D&D Direct wraps up, the D&D Beyond Twitch channel will be hosting a post-show party. This stream will recap everything from the D&D Direct and have some more announcements and highlights. What’s more, the aftershow will feature more special guests in addition to the ones scheduled to appear in the D&D Direct.

Dungeons and Dragons recently revealed the D&D Community Update page. Wizards of the Coast plans on using this landing as a hub for announcements on One D&D playtests, information on the SRD and Creative Commons, and community events like the D&D Direct or the upcoming Creator Summit. After the D&D Direct wraps up, players can expect to see some of these announcements appear on this landing as well. Fans should keep an eye on this page to learn the newest information about Dungeons and Dragons in the future.

Dungeons and Dragons is available now. One D&D is in development.

Source: Gamerant

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