Dr Disrespect Shows Off LEGO Set

YouTube Streamer Dr Disrespect reveals what his iconic gaming persona looks like in LEGO form, complete with a black mullet and cool shades.

Few names in the video game streaming business garner more attention than Dr Disrespect. Known for his controversial takes on many issues, the Doc has become a staple of gaming over the years and is currently one of the most popular gaming streamers on YouTube. While there are many reasons for his enormous amount of success on the platform, one factor is the production quality of his streams.

It is hard to think of many streamers with the same level of production value as Dr Disrespect. Seemingly every week, the Doc’s talented team produces engaging content for fans of the broadcasts. For example, his streams typically have eye-catching transitions between gameplay segments, along with retro-themed music and green screen sets. Not long ago, the YouTube streamer’s production crew decided to capture his instantly recognizable persona in a very different and blocky medium.


Recently, Dr Disrespect posted a tweet that likely caught some of his fans by surprise. In an attached image, the likeness of the Doc had been translated into LEGO form as his Minifigure, sporting his iconic black mullet, red vest, and cool shades, stood next to a red Lamborghini. In addition, the sports car was flanked by a pair of palm trees, while the iconic logo of the streamer had been reimagined in LEGO form. In addition, the box for the LEGO set noted that it contained an impressive 2,646 pieces.

Unsurprisingly, this tweet from Dr Disrespect piqued the interest of many of his fans. Since posting the image of the LEGO set several days ago, it has already accumulated over 26K likes. In addition, many hoped that this LEGO version of Dr Disrespect would eventually become a reality.

It’s worth noting that at this point, this LEGO set featuring the Doc and his red Lamborghini is not available for sale. However, that is not to say that an official Dr Disrespect LEGO Minifigure might not be in the cards in the future. As one of the most popular gaming icons on YouTube, there is always a chance that the YouTuber streamer could get his likeness included in a LEGO set. If any person could pull it off, it would likely be the Doc.

While an official LEGO set featuring Dr Disrespect might never see the light of day, the streamer is currently making a video game that is expected to release in a couple of years. Developed by the Doc’s AAA gaming studio called Midnight Society, not many details are known about the project except that it is supposed to be a battle royale. Regardless of what happens, fans can be sure of one thing; Dr Disrespect is full of surprises.

Source: Gamerant

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