Dr Disrespect Criticizes YouTube Gaming

Streaming giant Dr Disrespect is so angry at YouTube Gaming for not giving him the respect he thinks he deserves that he’s ranting on social media.

Dr Disrespect is so unhappy with the way he feels YouTube Gaming is treating him that he’s not holding back on social media. In fact, it turns out that the streaming giant is so angry at YouTube that he’s ranting on social media about what’s bothering him.

It’s certainly true that Dr Disrespect is no stranger to having a run-in or two with the streaming platform that he’s best known for. It wasn’t that long ago that the streamer was banned from Twitch for reasons that he claimed he didn’t know for quite a while. After he left that platform he made the move to YouTube and had mostly seemed happy since he found his new home. However, it now looks as if there is trouble in paradise as he’s starting to voice some extreme displeasure with the Google-owned site.


Despite having taken credit for streamers jumping from Twitch to YouTube, he now feels as if the latter isn’t giving its personalities much in the way of respect. He took to social media earlier this week to announce that because of that lack of respect, he actually unfollowed YouTube Gaming’s official Twitter account. “They don’t support us one bit,” he wrote. ” Why would I support them?”

The streamer finished the post by marveling at how phony the industry he’s in is. Despite the fact that Dr Disrespect seems angry, it’s not clear if there was any one incident that started this particular rant or whether it’s been a lot of little things that have been piling up over time. When he was asked by his followers what sparked the post, he didn’t respond with any sort of details.

While the streaming giant has a bit of a bone to pick with YouTube, it appears there are some streamers that are thinking that the grass might be greener on that side of the industry. Not long after popular Twitch streamer Sykunno announced he was jumping ship to YouTube, another streamer in Disguised Toast said there would be more defections. In fact, he believes at least five other Twitch streamers will soon be making the move.

For his part, Dr Disrespect might be feeling like he’s being disrespected by YouTube, but it doesn’t appear he has any plans to leave the platform. It was just last month that the streamer made it very clear that the chance of him returning to Twitch was basically out of the question.

Source: Gamerant

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