Doom Fan Gets the Game Running on an Old Scanner

There are so many weird and wacky devices that the original Doom can be played on, including this example of someone porting it to a Canon scanner.

It would be very surprising to happen upon someone in the gaming community who hasn’t played one Doom game or, at the very least, isn’t familiar with the series in some way. As one of the most influential FPS games of all time, the original 1993 release helped set things in motion for the genre and for PC gaming in general. Since launching, the technology has moved on, and as such, it’s been possible to port id Software’s three-decade-old shooter onto all sorts of devices and machines.


Take what Reddit user wertercatt has done, for example. A short clip uploaded to the site shows the original Doom running on the screen of an old scanner, specifically a Canon ScanFront 220P. Given that the scanner runs a version of Windows, in this case Windows CE, it might not be too surprising that the game is compatible with the machine, especially since the device has features that enable a mouse and keyboard to be attached. However, it’s still interesting to see Doom being played on something that was not initially designed for it. The Reddit poster acknowledges that another user called thenogli was the one responsible for the port.

Ever since the source code for the game was released back in 1997, fans have been finding new and interesting ways to boot it up. Another recent example is when someone managed to get Doom running in BIOS, in other words, before Windows or another operating system even loads up. There have been reports of people running it on a karaoke machine, a MacBook Pro touch bar, an NES console, and even a thermostat. It could be argued that the game’s legacy has been kept alive thanks in part to all the unusual devices it’s been ported to.

Of course, the newer installments have also helped to keep the franchise in the gaming limelight. Doom Eternal is an incredible entry in the Doom series, following on from the highly praised 2016 reboot. The classics will always be fondly remembered, especially the first two, but the more recent releases show that there’s still life left in the Doom Slayer.

Given that, there’s a chance that a new entry could be in the works. With id Software recently hiring for a new project, it’s not unfeasible to assume that it could be a new Doom game. Either that or a reboot of Quake, which is also something that’s been rumored. These are just speculations, but it will be interesting to see what the veteran studio comes up with next.

Doom was originally released in December 1993 for multiple platforms.

Source: Gamerant

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