Doom Eternal Fans Can Get Bright Purple Armor As Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perk

Doom Eternal has been a critically-acclaimed title within the FPS genre, ever since its release in 2020. Some fans have even labeled it as one of the best FPS games to come out in a while, which is strengthened by the game’s considerable post-launch support. Back in December of that year, Doom Eternal was added to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass alongside other AAA or indie hits being added to the service. For fans of the game who have obtained the game through this service, or are looking to subscribe to it, there will a special cosmetic bonus available for players of Doom Eternal.


Doom Eternal has released plenty of cosmetic DLC, with several aesthetics that can be applied to the Doom Slayer’s armor. This includes nameplates, weapon skins, icons, and more, which may or may not completely fit the tone of the game. These options range from a set of armor with a golden sheen, to a very unfitting unicorn-themed set that can be equipped. For players of Doom Eternal that are subscribed to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service, there will three different sets of armor that can be obtained from this perk.

Most notably, one of these Doom Eternal skins decks the Doom Slayer into a set of sleek purple armor, alongside other cosmetics. These skins can all be used across the campaign mode, Battlemode, and photo mode in-game. In total, there are three new cosmetic packs for Doom Eternal that subscribers to the Game Pass service can obtain. These are known as the “Arch Files,” “There Can Be Only One,” and “Preachy Keen” with each one featuring their own set of themed content.

Included in these cosmetic packs are six weapon skins, nine player skins, nine nameplates, along with 24 player icons in total. This makes it a very substantial amount of content, even if it’s only cosmetics for Doom Eternal. Players who especially want the purple themed armor set should look into subscribing to the service.

This Xbox Game Pass perk is already live for Ultimate tier subscribers, and players will have until April 18th in order to obtain it. The code will expire on May 18th of this year as well. There are also two separate versions, with one being for consoles, with the other being for PC. Players can find these under the Perks gallery on the menu of the service. The Xbox Game Pass mobile app for iOS and Android will also allow players to claim these perks for themselves. There are similar perks included with subscriptions to the Xbox Game Pass, such as a set of vehicle coat skins for Halo Infinite.

Doom Eternal is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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