DIY Super Nintendo Creations Kit Lets Gamers Play SNES Games on a Toaster

The Super Nintendo is one of the most beloved consoles. The over 30-year-old SNES is filled with classics that are fan-favorites to this day, including the likes of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario World, Earthbound, and Super Metroid. While there are still ways of enjoying Super Nintendo games, the console itself is long discontinued. However, a new DIY kit allows for some new and creative ways to play the SNES.

Fans have been making Nintendo mods for years, as consoles like the NES are shrunken down or the Nintendo 64 is made portable. While those creations are very special, they take a lot of time and skill. A Japanese website is making that whole process a lot easier, however, as it recently made a DIY Super Nintendo kit available.


Columbus Circle is a Japanese manufacturer that creates peripherals and parts for video games. The new DIY kit allows for the creation of a compatible machine for Super Famicom games. The cover of the box itself shows off a toaster being converted to a Super Nintendo, but one’s own imagination appears to be the limit as to what can be created or converted into a game’s machine for the classic Nintendo console.

The DIY kit comes with a Super Famicom-compatible board, an AV cable, an S cable, an AC adapter, 20 screws, and two controllers. Theoretically, anything could be altered into a Super Famicom with these parts. A bongo drum could play Donkey Kong Country. The often modded Super Mario Kart could be running on a toy car. A toaster could be converted into a Kirby Super Star machine. The possibilities seem limitless.

Along with modifying something into a Super Famicom, it is possible to create the console from scratch with this DIY kit as well. Using wood, metals, 3D printings, and more, a truly unique console could be made. It would be possible to make a wall mount gaming console, a Super Nintendo coffee table, or even a replica green Super Mario pipe that can play Super Mario All-Stars by sliding the cartridge down the hole.

The DIY kit is posted for sale both on the Columbus Circle website and Amazon Japan. Unfortunately, it is out of stock at the moment, which hopefully means that unique creations will pop up online in due time. Even when it does become available again, it may be tricky to find a way to ship it out of Japan. Perhaps one day the product will be widely available elsewhere as well.

Source: Gamerant

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