Disturbing Skyrim Clip Shows Corpse Get Stuck in Saw

A player decides to test the physics of Skyrim’s corpses by sticking one into the blade of a sawmill and sadistically observing the results.

As is usually the case with a game as large as The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, there are plenty of strange characters and events for players to experience in their playthroughs. From the horror of the Dark Brotherhood and their mission to uncovering the truth behind the Thieves’ Guild, Skyrim has a ton of memorable quest lines that surprise and impress players at every turn.

One of the more hilarious happenings on the strange side of the game is its physics. Perhaps the most well-known and iconic example of this is the game’s giants, which have a nasty habit of sending players and Skyrim NPCs flying through the air. However, the ragdoll physics of the game’s dead characters can lead to strange and disturbing interactions as well.


For example, in a video showing a Skyrim player torturing Delphine, Delphine is stuck stock-still due to a spell, flying around in the air as though she is paralyzed. This leads to the clip becoming stranger as she is swung around like a lifeless doll, adding a creepy vibe to the clip. The same can be said for a recent clip where a player introduced another NPC to a sawmill; the results were equal parts funny and contextually horrifying.

Reddit user Adeno was the mind behind putting an NPC’s dead corpse into a saw to see what would happen, and the results at first were pretty funny. The NPC became stuck on the saw, moving up and down over and over while bashing into a passing log below. However, eventually the blade stopped, leaving the NPC impaled and suspended in the air; what’s worse is that the NPC seemed to be looking at the player. Much like Skyrim players wishing they could wipe the game from their memory, many viewers may have wished they could wipe the disturbing clip from theirs as well.

Reddit user responses to the post were a mix between horrified remarks and fitting jokes. One user noted that the clip ended up being much more disturbing than they originally thought it would be. Another user quipped that mill work has its ups and downs. Many other users stated Skyrim‘s strange physics managed to make the clip disturbing rather than funny due to their jerky movements.

Whether users found the clip funny or scary, Adeno’s experiment was certainly an intriguing one. While it probably wouldn’t make the cut for Skyrim‘s most disturbing content, Adeno’s swaying sawmill corpse is certainly a clip to remember (or forget).

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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