Disney Dreamlight Valley Player Makes Wearable Mannequin Dress

A Disney Dreamlight Valley player is able to replicate the dress that can be seen on one of the mannequins found in the game.

A Disney Dreamlight Valley player was able to replicate an article of clothing seen on a mannequin in the title. Gamers are given a lot of freedom in the life simulator and can participate in activities such as fishing, cooking, and gardening. Players can also take on various quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley that bring new characters to their village.

One thing that gamers can do in the game is make clothes. Players are able to customize what they wear in Disney Dreamlight Valley and have a good amount of freedom when doing so. One gamer was able to design a dress after one that can be seen on a mannequin in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


A Redditor known as _userlame posted an image of a dress they made in Disney Dreamlight Valley that is based off an outfit that can be seen on a mannequin. The user was able to replicate the bow and belt on the front of the piece of clothing quite well using the teardrop pattern and Saturn motif. They then used a skirt to copy the bottom of the dress and were also able to find a beaded necklace to round out the outfit. The piece is impressive as _userlame did a great job of replicating what is found in the game.

The dress that _userlame showcased has gained a number of fans from the Disney Dreamlight Valley community. Many are expressing their love for the piece, with one commenter stating that they hope players will be able to share and download each other’s designs in the future. A number of users said that they did buy the mannequin thinking they were purchasing the dress, only to be disappointed that they could not put the piece of clothing on. It is an adorable outfit and shows a bit of ingenuity on _userlame’s part as they were able to copy what they saw in-game.

Just like _userlame, a number of gamers are creating their own outfits in Disney Dreamlight Valley. A Reddit user named ImogenHearts made their own Pikachu based clothing in the game. This includes a pair of Mickey Mouse ears with the Electric-Type’s tail on them and a t-shirt that features a Pokeball. They also made a jacket that has lightning bolts on the sleeves and a silhouette of Pikachu on the back. According to ImogenHearts, this was the first time that they tried using the custom option on clothing. Gamers such as ImogenHearts and _userlame are displaying what can be done in Disney Dreamlight Valley with a bit of creativity.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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