Digimon Fan Highlights Similarities Between Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Legendaries and Digimon

There have been similarities between the Pokemon and Digimon franchises for a long time as both have powerful monsters that transform, and the parallels continue with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Recently, one Pokemon fan has pointed out how alike to existing Digimon and the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Legendaries are.

A Twitter user with affiliation to Pokemon‘s Sinnoh region recently posted an image of two Digimon side-by-side in reference to the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer that revealed the Legendary Gen 9 Pokemon. This Twitter user wasted little time given how the Legendary Pokemon were merely revealed in the June 1 trailer, with one resembling more of an animal and the other resembling more of a machine and both reflecting their game’s color. The red and purple Legendary Pokemon are highlighted by the Digimon shared by this Twitter user as they share a similar form and features but continue to appear unique.


Since the June 1 Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer, many Pokemon fans have been celebrating the unveiled Pokemon, admiring the young Professors, and closely observing the Scarlet and Violet Legendary Pokemon. The feathery beast Koraidon is shown as a standard Megadramon in the Sinnoh Twitter post, while the more mechanical Miraidon is reflected by the significantly metallic Gigadramon. Megadramon has wings that appear like feathers similar to Koraidon and its tail coils when it’s stationary like other Dragon-type Pokemon, and the robotic parts of Miraidon are mirrored by the hand cannons and heavy metal wings of Gigadramon.

Given that Megadramon and Gigadramon both have weapons attached to their hands, the similarities between them and the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Legendaries are limited. In the Digimon universe, Megadramon and Gigadramon pose a significant challenge to the DigiDestined, but their power may pale in comparison to the still unreleased Legendary Pokemon. Because of how Digimon‘s Digivolving system works, there are several Digimon that could become Megadramon or Gigadramon, but Pokemon fans will specifically have to catch the Legendaries in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

The two Legendary Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet would fit into the Digimon universe given their shape and size, with some other Pokemon fans suggesting that they look like massive bikes. Other Pokemon players anticipating the release of Scarlet and Violet have inferred that the Legendary Pokemon would also look great as YuGiOh cards from the earlier sets or the latter ones that centered on machines. One Pokemon fan that was around for the announcement of Pokemon Sword and Shield also confirmed that the Legendary dogs were compared to Durandamon and Bryweludramon from Digimon, suggesting it’s an ongoing theme.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release for Nintendo Switch on November 18.

Source: Twitter

Source: Gamerant

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