Diablo 4 Quality of Life Suggestion Would Be Big for Co-Op

Blizzard’s iconic isometric role-playing franchise Diablo is gaining another entry in June, with Diablo 4. While the new entry is touting new mechanics with its cooperative multiplayer gameplay, such as seamless multiplayer and encountering other players while exploring the map, one feature was noticeably absent from the Diablo 4 open beta that ended just last week, that being the ability for players to share quests.

One player took to Reddit to highlight the fact that players in groups couldn’t share quests, meaning that parties of Diablo 4‘s open beta players couldn’t see each other’s quest markers or objectives. Blizzard has focused on the multiplayer aspect of Diablo 4 during the different advertising and marketing efforts for the title, so this feature’s absence from the open beta is a cause of concern for some online players. While this may only be the case for the open beta, Blizzard has yet to dispel these concerns by acknowledging if quest sharing will be possible in the upcoming June title.


One user on Reddit, known as Ramplerz, posted a brief but relevant question on the Diablo subreddit. The post reads “No share quest button?” While the post is brief it does identify a potential issue in the highly anticipated upcoming title, as Blizzard has encouraged online audiences to play the game in multiplayer sessions, dating back to the initial Diablo 4 gameplay showcase in June 2022.

The Diablo franchise has had an emphasis on multiplayer dating back to a cooperative mode in its very first entry. While the multiplayer component of Diablo has since become a staple of the role-playing franchise, the ability for players to share quests and complete them simultaneously has been notably absent. This, rightfully, has players concerned on whether Blizzard will enable traditional party-style gameplay found in other online quest-based games like Destiny 2 or Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Diablo 4‘s marketing campaign has featured multiplayer gameplay heavily, especially in its initial gameplay showcase that featured a glimpse at the game’s seamless multiplayer. If players are expected to party up and join others during the games various quests, the ability to share quests between party members is a crucial addition that Blizzard should consider adding before the game’s launch in June. Although Blizzard has yet to announce whether quest sharing will be a feature of the game, it almost feels like a required component if multiplayer is meant to be encouraged in the new entry to the Diablo franchise.

Diablo 4 will release on June 6 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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