Diablo 4 Contest Offers Max-Level Beta Players Chance at a Strange Reward

Blizzard has announced a new contest for Diablo 4 beta participants offering a chance to win a unique and strange reward to those who reach the max level of 25. Beta players will already be earning a cute puppy back-piece if they reach level 20, available upon Diablo 4‘s full launch, but its new contest is on another level altogether. It isn’t for in-game items or any sort of in-game recognition, but rather related to Blizzard’s Cathedral of Diablo promotional videos.


This weekend is the last opportunity for ARPG fans to try Diablo 4 before it launches in June. There was a prior beta this past weekend that was exclusive to pre-orderers and those who acquired a special code. The open beta, free to play for everyone, is currently ongoing and will last through the weekend. Content in both betas is limited to just Act 1 of Diablo 4, as well as its first zone, the Fractured Peaks. Reaching its level cap of 25 isn’t difficult, but does take some time.

Perhaps to encourage Diablo 4 open beta players to try and reach level 25 or perhaps just for a fun promotional contest, Blizzard has announced a special prize. A special sweepstake is being held for beta players that reach level 25, where one winner from the North American, Latin American, Asia-Pacific, and European region — for four winners total — will be painted into a mural in Blizzard’s “Cathedral of Diablo.” It’s a rare and strange reward, but something some Diablo 4 players may be excited for.

The Cathedral of Diablo, for those unfamiliar, is a literal church located in Cambrai, France. Artist Adam Miller and his team created a massive art piece that covered the church’s ceiling with Diablo 4 art, including pieces for Diablo 4‘s classes and its villain, Lilith. The artists didn’t actually paint on the church’s ceilings, though. It put the art on canvas and then put the canvas on the church’s ceiling.

According to the specific details of the contest, players will have to submit several photos of their face to Blizzard. Blizzard will then use their likeness to paint their face onto the Cathedral of Diablo mural. The prize is noted to be worth “$0,” which is funny because winners will be required to participate in Diablo 4 publicity activities following their victory. And, naturally, they’ll have to sign away rights for their likeness to Blizzard, as well.

While it’s extremely unlikely to win the contest, given there will only be four winners total, it’s still all in good fun. Maxing out a character during the beta is a fun endeavor on its own. It lets players try all the open beta’s available content, take on the Ashava world boss at a good level of power, and gear up as best as the beta offers. And who knows, maybe a player will become one of the faces of Diablo 4, too.

Diablo 4 releases June 6 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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