Diablo 4 Beta Drop Rates Are Increased Compared to Launch

Blizzard has confirmed that drop rates in both of Diablo 4‘s betas are at increased levels compared to how they will be at launch. Earning loot is at the heart of every ARPG experience and Diablo 4 won’t be different, in that regard. Gameplay in Diablo 4 will revolve around defeating foes of increasing difficulty with the hope that it will lead to increasingly great and powerful rewards. It’s just that the Diablo 4 betas won’t necessarily be a representative look at what the final game’s loot drop rates will be like.


Diablo 4 has just two betas prior to its full launch in June. The early access beta ran this past weekend, exclusive to pre-orderers and those who earned a code. Diablo 4‘s open beta will open tomorrow and will run through the weekend. It’s the only opportunity for Diablo 4 players to figure out whether Blizzard’s changes from Diablo 3 are what they want prior to the full launch.

The Diablo 4 open beta may not wholly be the same as what players will get when the game launches in June, however. Blizzard GM of the Diablo franchise Rod Fergusson answered a question from a fan regarding the Diablo 4‘s beta’s loot drop rates. The fan asked if drop rates were increased for the beta, citing concerns from the Diablo playerbase. Fergusson responded in the affirmative, saying that drop rates are “tuned higher” for Diablo 4‘s betas.

As explanation, Fergusson explains that Blizzard increased the drop rates for the Diablo 4 betas in order to provide a “fuller experience” and “better test” the game. While Fergusson didn’t elaborate, it’s easy to understand what he means. Increased drop rates mean players get more loot, and ultimately enjoy the beta that much more. It also lets Blizzard test its loot drop system and the loot itself, including how high-level Legendary abilities impact balance, which it couldn’t do with normal drop rates.

While the decision from Blizzard may mean that Diablo 4 beta players don’t get an accurate picture of loot progression in the game, dedicated Diablo fans will likely be relieved at Fergusson’s confirmation. It likely means that rare loot will be challenging to acquire, and that putting together endgame builds won’t be as easy as the beta makes it seem. Still, there will likely be some questions now regarding Blizzard’s plan for endgame looting.

In the end, the two Diablo 4 betas were only ever supposed to offer a sample of the full game. Further, they’re a sample of Diablo 4‘s first act and nothing more. As ARPG fans know, looting in a game’s first act is always going to be very basic. Blizzard improving drop rates ultimately lets Diablo fans see more of the game than they would otherwise. Open beta participants will just have to enjoy Diablo 4‘s increased drop rates for the brief time they’re available.

Diablo 4 releases June 6 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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