Destiny Updates Guardian Games Scoring to Ignore ‘Cheese’

Bungie responds to frustrations from Destiny 2 players regarding the ongoing Guardian Games, fixing a ‘cheese’ tied to reviving teammates.

Running from May 3 through May 24, Bungie is hosting the limited-time Guardian Games event in Destiny 2. In the Guardian Games, Destiny 2 players are put into competition against opponents of different in-game classes. Not only does the class that wins get a statue in the tower, but individuals can earn exclusive rewards including an emblem just for the top 10% of players. However, Destiny 2 players have been frustrated over a cheese that has been skewing the Guardian Games leaderboards.


There’s good news and bad news regarding the Guardian Games. The good news is that Bungie is taking action to combat the Guardian Games cheese impacting the leaderboards. In a recently published message from the BungieHelp customer service account on Twitter, Bungie confirmed that the 10% par used for the emblem reward will ignore high scores achieved through cheesing team member revives. That should mean the legitimate top 10% of players for the Guardian Games will earn the emblem as intended.

The bad news is that Bungie also appears to be saying that those cheesing the Guardian Games with revives won’t actively be punished. The change it’s making isn’t taking points away from players who cheesed, even though Bungie can apparently track that information. It’s only altering the “par” number used to calculate the 10% bar. That means that both the top 10% of players who are earning their score legitimately and those cheesing the Guardian Games will be able to win the award.

What Bungie isn’t acknowledging is that the problem with the Guardian Games is two-fold. It isn’t just that the scores have been skewed by those cheesing the game mode. It’s also that playing with teams that are cheesing the game mode isn’t fun. This change will fix the first issue, but will likely only encourage players to continue doing the second.

Bungie is unfortunately caught in a troublesome situation. The heart of the matter, what ultimately matters more than anything else, is that this is all over an emblem. How much focus should Bungie really give an emblem? Is it really worth dedicating development resources to rebalance the Guardian Games scoring without revives? Is it worth banning Destiny 2 players for this cheese? The answer Bungie decided on is no, not really.

It’s not necessarily fair for those exploiting Guardian Games’ scoring to be rewarded, but the prize is ultimately just an emblem. Players who really want and deserve it will still be able to earn it. Bungie can focus on other development priorities and then balance Guardian Games once it’s over. It’s not an optimal solution, but it’s workable and sometimes that’s the best that can be managed with a live service game like Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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