Destiny Players Are Sharing Memories of the First Game

Fans of the original Destiny come together to flex their hours played and talk about the series’ first installment in hindsight.

Almost eight years have passed since the release of the first Destiny game, and since then a successful sequel in Destiny 2 was released. Though most players have moved on from the original Destiny, there are plenty that look back on it with nostalgia in their eyes.

This nostalgia was recently put on display, as Destiny began to trend on Twitter. This was due to a few tweets that went viral, putting Destiny on the trending topics list with nearly 40,000 tweets.


There were three tweets that started the Destiny nostalgia train. One was sent out by Twitter user @ByLaraJackson, who asked users what games they have put 500 or more hours into. Another tweet, from user @Jarvenis, used a Matrix reference to ask which pill users would rather take: red (for Destiny) or blue (Destiny 2). The last tweet was a series of quote tweets that began with user @VexOnTwit where users would type 10 forms of media that are important to them/describe them.

A large majority of the users who responded to these tweets included Destiny somewhere on their lists. For @ByLaraJackson’s tweet, users were bragging that they had far more than 500 hours in Destiny. Also, there were a ton of responses to @Jarvenis’ tweet that chose Destiny over Destiny 2, showing the love that players hold for the original entry. Lastly, there were many users that included Destiny in their 10 forms of media to know them by, with many of these also including Destiny 2.

Destiny was Bungie’s first big step after moving away from the Halo franchise, and because of Bungie’s reputation, it was one of the most anticipated video games ever made. Its sales showed it lived up to this hype, with $325 million in sales over its first 5 days of release. It’s no surprise that all it took to open a floodgate of nostalgic Destiny talk was a few tweets about video games. Perhaps the clearest testament to Destiny‘s lasting popularity is that two of the three tweets that sparked the game’s trend didn’t mention the game at all; instead, it was players talking about their favorite games and media that brought it back to the front of people’s minds.

Every gamer has that one title in their head that sparks their joy for gaming. For many gamers, it looks like Destiny is that spark. With Destiny 2 still receiving new content, including content calling back to Destiny, it is clear that the legacy that began with Destiny is still going strong.

Destiny is available now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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