Destiny Fan Shows Off Leviathan-Themed PC Build

Bungie’s Destiny 2 enjoys a remarkably loyal and creative community, with many players being particularly fond of its visual style. The game’s sunset Leviathan raid, in particular, is many players’ favorite, and one of them has built a fully decked-out custom PC rig to celebrate the aesthetic.

As veterans of Destiny 2 will know, the Cabal Leviathan was an immense planetoid-eating spaceship that was particularly noteworthy for its opulent architecture. Reddit user yoshisaura was inspired by the Cabal Emperor’s penchant for luxury while preparing their Leviathan-themed PC build, which features trimmings and color choices that Leviathan and Menagerie fans will find remarkably familiar.


Yoshisaura’s PC build features the classic white and gold color scheme that is heavily reminiscent of the now-legendary Calus’s Selected shader from Destiny 2. The golden trim present on select components, too, will remind players of the game’s first Raid, while the purple-colored coolant leans more heavily towards the game’s later Menagerie adventures. On top of looking incredible, the Leviathan-themed PC is also jam-packed with powerful hardware, not least of which are the two RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards – all fully water-cooled.


According to yoshisaura, this PC was used for more than just gaming, which necessitated the inclusion of an SLI bridge between the two GPUs. Further, the rig was originally built some time ago, which explains why such an impeccably designed and carefully built machine would come equipped with anything but the latest-generation PC hardware. Still, with an Intel Core i9-9900X and the aforementioned Nvidia RTX GPU, this gaming PC is more than enough to handle anything thrown at it, modern or otherwise.

Interestingly – though not unexpectedly – yoshisaura’s post on the main Destiny 2 subreddit led to a number of users expressing their sadness about Leviathan’s sunsetting almost two years ago. As Bungie streamlined Destiny 2 for substantial engine upgrades that came alongside the game’s Beyond Light DLC, much of its content was removed and put into the so-called Destiny Content Vault. Odds are that Bungie may draw from the DCV in the future to reintroduce classic Destiny 2 content to the game, but there’s been no word on that yet.

Many Destiny 2 fans have said that the Leviathan was their favorite raid of all time, and this sentiment is generally shared whenever the Leviathan is brought up. Though there’s every chance that the Leviathan may return to Destiny 2 sometime in the future, we know that it won’t happen anytime soon. Namely, the release of Witch Queen DLC will mark the start of Year 6 of content, during which Bungie aims to reintroduce an old Destiny 1 raid to the game’s current rotation of available content.

Destiny 2 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Source: yoshisaura/Reddit

Source: Gamerant

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