Destiny 2’s Threshers Are Still Tormenting Players Even After Nerf

Destiny 2 players are still being impeded by Cabal Threshers even after the vehicles recently had their damage output fixed in a patch. These Threshers have consistently proven to be a source of pain for Destiny 2 players since the release of Lightfall, with many fans taking to social media to air their frustrations due to the bugged enemy type previously destroying Guardians in one shot.

Though Threshers have been around since the beginning of Destiny 2, they only recently gained a reputation among the community after the latest expansion inadvertently boosted their capabilities. Players quickly discovered that Threshers were just one of the many entities that had their damage output tied to the frame rate of the game, which led to most players playing at 60 fps or above dying to just a single shot from a Thresher. This problem was only exaggerated due to the tweaks to difficulty that Bungie introduced with Destiny 2: Lightfall, with spongier enemies giving a lot of players trouble as they attempted to patrol the streets of Neomuna.


Following several weeks of constant complaints from the community, the Destiny 2 developers recently deployed a fix for the Threshers’ damage issue with hotfix, but some players have found that the vehicles can still prove hilariously problematic in one of the remastered strikes. Reddit user FuRy_Void highlighted this in a clip that they shared on the site, which shows a Thresher in action on the Legend-difficulty Nightfall version of the recently-remastered Arms Dealer strike. Though it’s somewhat unlikely, a Thresher can fly directly into players after they’re shot out of a cannon, making them a threat even when they’re not actively targeting Guardians.

The Arms Dealer strike is one of the few missions that has been remastered with the latest expansion to the game, resulting in the mechanics of the level changing slightly while the overall structure and boss of the strike remains largely the same. These strikes have also been updated to accommodate some of the other new additions in Destiny 2: Lightfall, such as Calus’ Shadow Legion and the abilities that their forces possess.

Though Threshers are no longer such a terror on the battlefield, the root cause of the original bug is still at large, and unintended consequences of playing the game at a high frame rate are still encountered fairly often by players. The developers of Destiny 2 recently discussed known issues with Quicksilver Storm, though there are many other blatant glitches found in the game that fans desperately hope are dealt with as the year progresses.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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