Destiny 2’s New Veil Mission Should Be Replayed

Those who’ve already finished the new Destiny 2 Veil Containment mission to unlock the hotly anticipated custom Neomuna hand cannon may wish to go back to the mission at least once more, according to players. After the Lightfall DLC came out, it didn’t take long until the player base figured out that Bungie forgot to answer some key questions about the mysterious Veil, and the new missions that came out alongside Season of the Deep aimed to correct that wrong.


The new Destiny 2 Epochal Integration weapon was, therefore, just another carrot on the stick to get players to interact with the mission itself, as the really interesting bit came at the end, when Osiris told Guardians that it would take a few days for him to decrypt messages from a key character, promising further lore reveals, only for the quest to wrap up and nothing to come of it when the next weekly reset came about.

As it turns out, however, even though Destiny 2 doesn’t tell players that more decrypted messages are waiting for them in Veil Containment, they are indeed present. Players simply need to finish the mission once a week to get access to new lore drops from the aforementioned character. Though this is great news for lore-minded players, the obvious problem is that this isn’t communicated anywhere in-game.

This of course confirms that Destiny 2‘s Veil quest is time-gated on a weekly basis, as initially suspected, but this is basically par for the course for the game. Bungie often uses time-gated missions to keep players coming back for more over a longer period of time, but the difference is that this is usually plainly explained via quest logs. Whether by accident or on purpose, Bungie left it to the players to figure out that they must keep coming back to Veil Containment.

Those who aren’t too happy with the inexplicable nature of the Veil should therefore add another activity to their weekly Destiny 2 reset schedule, even though the game itself won’t keep them up-to-date on that front. It is also possible that players will eventually be able to get all the encrypted messages in one go, which is a far more time-effective option for those who don’t feel like replaying Veil Containment every week.

Destiny veterans may also be happy to hear that Destiny 2‘s new dungeon references Red War in a cheeky way, serving up a lovely callback to one of the most memorable missions of the game’s first, now completely unplayable campaign mode. It is possible, of course, that more secrets will be revealed over the course of Season of the Deep, as it seems that Bungie has set up a fair few of them this time around.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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