Destiny 2’s Latest Raid Boss Can Be Trivialized With a Single Weapon

The final boss of Destiny 2‘s latest Root of Nightmares raid packs quite a punch, but one player’s clever utilization of a specific weapon type might change the tide of battle. The latest endgame activity to be introduced to Destiny 2, Root of Nightmares is currently in contest mode, which is standard for any new raid-type activities. In contest mode, the enemies hit harder, and players cannot gain power beyond a certain level for an added sense of challenge.


In the Root of Nightmares raid, a fireteam of six Guardians has to delve into a Pyramid ship, possibly belonging to The Witness itself, to face off against a foe that has been teased since the early days of Destiny 2. For players who are well-versed in the lore of the Destiny 2 universe, Nezarec has always been a mysterious character. However, Nezarec suddenly became a topic of conversation during one of Destiny 2‘s weakest seasons. The speculations somewhat died down during the Season of the Seraph, but the breadcrumbs were obvious enough that another Disciple of The Witness was close to revealing themselves.

Similarly, Lightfall’s campaign offered even more hints about Nezarec, with the new Tormentor enemies being created in the dark disciple’s image. After completing the HyperNet Current strike, Nezarec’s whispers were heard around Destiny 2‘s newest location. The raid takes place in a Pyramid ship struck by The Traveler’s terraforming powers that also brought Nezarec back to life. The dark entity lives up to its epithet as the God of Pain, with deadly scythe attacks making short work of Guardians. However, Twitter user CoolGuy has posted a video where they use a glaive’s block function, nullifying Nezarec’s offense completely.

The video showcases the player using the Lubrae’s Ruin glaive to block Nezarec’s deadly scythe slam attack and void projectiles while taking little to no damage. This is an incredible feat for one weapon considering players have to use Well of Radiance’s overwhelming healing to withstand Nezarec’s furious onslaught. Some players have pointed out the irony in using The First Disciple’s weapon to defeat another lieutenant of The Witness. Others have mentioned their plan to use Nezarec’s Whisper, a glaive that previously belonged to Nezarec, and sent Destiny 2‘s lore community into a frenzy.

Currently, players are divided over the supposed lack of difficulty in the new raid, pointing at the incredibly short World’s First completion. While over 100,000 Destiny 2 players have cleared the raid, the contest mode still proving to be challenging enough for others.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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