Destiny 2: Xur Exotic Armor, Weapon, and Recommendations for May 6

With Season 16 slowly winding down, Bungie has breathed new life into Destiny 2 with the arrival of the annual Guardian Games seasonal event. Taking inspiration from the Olympics, Guardian Games pits the three classes against one another has players compete for bronze, silve, gold, and platinum medals in a race to see who can take the top spot on the podium. There are new bounties, rewards, and playlists to check out over the new few weeks.

Naturally, what would a Destiny 2 event be without new weapons and items to pursue. During the Guardian Games, players can get their hands on the legendary SMG called The Title. The weapon initially had a bug preventing it from dropping normally, but Bungie was quick to patch the issue and The Title can now drop or be rewarded through numerous ways. In addition, players can pick up the Heir Apparent exotic machine gun if they missed out in previous years, and the catalyst is also available as well.


With all this competing going on, players should also take a moment to visit the weekend merchant Xur who has once again arrived in Destiny 2 with a refreshed inventory of exotic and legendary gear. Follow this guide for his most current weekend location, news on his exotic cipher quest, as well as a review of all the exotic and legendary gear he’s brought for the weekend of May 6, 2022.

Where is Xur?

This weekend, players can find Xur in the European Dead Zone in the Winding Cove zone.

Fast travel to the Winding Cove zone and immediately head towards the back where the Fallen typically patrol. Climb the cliffs back here to find Xur standing on a ledge not too far from a crashed ship.

Class Armor and Exotic Cipher

Xur’s role continues to offer the usual weekly quests, exotics, and legendary gear. Not only are these quests required to purchase a second fated engram, but they’re necessary to acquire legacy exotic gear from the Tower kiosk. Players can earn a new cipher by completing strikes and winning crucible or gambit matches. Gain bonus points for playing with clanmates or finishing more challenging activities.

Xur continues to sell even more gear outside his usual content. In addition to his normal exotic gear, Xur now has Legendary Weapons and Armor for sale in exchange for Legendary Shards and Glimmer.

Exotic Armor

Felwinter’s Helm – Warlock helmet

Xur has brought back Felwinter’s Helm again. During season 10, Felwinter’s Helm was once a damage powerhouse thanks to a bug that let players proc the item’s special ability after each kill. Bungie was forced to disable the exotic in order to fix it.

Felwinter’s remains a solid exotic, though it’s not likely going to replace the traditional go to items. The item comes with the Warlord’s End perk that turns any Solar, Void, or Arc melee kill into a burst of energy that weakens nearby enemies. Finishers and elite kills make this burst stronger through a bigger radius and longer debuff. The roll this week is unfortunately the worst of the three, only coming in at a 61.

Void Enhanced. Stat Values:

  • Mobility +16
  • Resilience +8
  • Recovery +9
  • Discipline +2
  • Intellect +12
  • Strength +14

Celestial Nighthawk – Hunter helmet

It’s been a while but the powerful Celestial Nighthawk is back on sale for Hunters who prefer Golden Gun. Its intrinsic perk is Hawkeye Hack which modifies the Golden Gun to fire a single, high damage shot. Enemies killed by the shot explode and the player gets a moderate portion of super energy returned.

For those who care about dealing huge amounts of damage, the Nighthawk remains a top tier exotic. While not great at crowd clearing or taking out multiple players in the crucible, this exotic remains a must have for some of the more difficult activities like Nightfalls and Raids. Hunter players will be doling out massive damage to bosses, which also makes this a great item to take on the Grandmaster Nightfall activities. The roll is pretty decent this week at a total of 65. With the upcoming rework to all solar subclasses, it’s also probably worth picking up as well.

Solar Enhanced. Stat Values:

  • Mobility +17
  • Resilience +15
  • Recovery +2
  • Discipline +10
  • Intellect +14
  • Strength +7

Heart of Inmost Light – Titan chest armor

One of the more rare exotic armor peices with Xur is the Heart of Inmost Light, not seen often here. It remains a very easy recommendation for Titan players this week, especially with the high stats roll this week.

An item that pairs really well with any Titan subclass, the Heart of Inmost Light comes with the intrinsic perk called Overflowing Light. When using any ability, the other two abilities are empowered. Basically, this gives them faster regeneration, melee and grenade damage, and more hit points for Barricades. A valuable trait for sure, especially for more difficult activities inside the game. Just like the Hunter exotic, this one also comes in at a solid 65 total.

Arc Enhanced. Stat Values:

  • Mobility +4
  • Resilience +14
  • Recovery +17
  • Discipline +2
  • Intellect +14
  • Strength +14

Exotic Weapon

Skyburner’s Oath is a classic Destiny 2 exotic, something introduced at launch with the base game and is based off of a Cabal’s weapon. The defining feature of this weapon comes from its perk Slug Rifle which alters the firing rate of the weapon. Skyburner’s Oath lobs explosive rounds that get stronger and faster when aiming down the sights. So instead of lobbing shots that track when hip firing, aiming down the sights actually turns the fired rounds into a faster, straighter, and more damaging explosive bullet. It also does more damage to Cabal enemies and rips through Phalanx Shields.

Ultimately, it can be a fun weapon to mess around with when fighting Cabal enemies, but it’s not a weapon that is anywhere near the top of the meta and can be safely avoided. In addition, this weapon is also easily outclassed by other Scout Rifles in the game. For those players who don’t yet have it, it is worth picking up to check the item off of the collections, so using the Exotic Engram won’t pull it in favor of something that the player doesn’t yet have.

Additional perks:

  • Extended Barrel
  • Extended Mag
  • Short Action Stock

Hawkmoon and Dead Man’s Tale Rolls

Since Season 16 removed the Presage and Harbinger exotic missions, Xur is also selling both Hawkmoon and Dead Man’s Tale with randomized rolls. Players should visit him each weekend as he’ll be carrying different rolls.

Hawkmoon Rolls:

  • Full Bore
  • Alloy Magazine
  • Killing Wind
  • Combat Grip

Dead Man’s Tale

  • Polygonal Rifling
  • High-Caliber Rounds
  • Moving Target
  • Composite Stock

Here’s the complete rundown of Xur’s exotic stock in Destiny 2 for May 6, 2022:

  • Felwinter’s Helm (Warlock helmet) – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Celestial Nighthawk (Hunter helmet) – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Heart of Inmost Light (Titan chest armor) – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Skyburner’s Oath (Scout Rifle) – 29 Legendary Shards
  • Hawkmoon (Hand Cannon) – 125,000 Glimmer, 200 Legendary Shards, 1 Exotic Cipher, 1 Ascendant Shard
  • Dead Man’s Tale (Scout Rifle) – 125,000 Glimmer, 200 Legendary Shards, 1 Exotic Cipher, 1 Ascendant Shard
  • Exotic Engram – 97 Legendary Shards/1 Exotic Cipher
  • A Question – Exotic Cipher Quest

Legendary Gear

As previously mentioned, Xur now sells Legendary Armor and Weapons. All gear costs 50 Legendary Shards and 1000 Glimmer.

  • Talons of the Eagle (Kinetic Pulse Rifle)
  • False Promises (Kinetic Auto Rifle)
  • Last Perdition (Energy Pulse Rifle)
  • Eternal Blazon (Energy Scout Rifle)
  • Truthteller (Energy Grenade Launcher)
  • First In, Last Out (Energy Shotgun)
  • Honor’s Edge (Heavy Sword)
  • Seventh Seraph Armor Set

Destiny 2 is now available PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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