Destiny 2 Theory Suggests Rasputin Could Be Coming Back as a Guardian

In a theory that has some legs thanks to the recent inclusion of some items, Rasputin might be returning to Destiny 2 as a guardian.

If there’s one thing the Destiny community loves to do, it’s to theorize and speculate about what’s going to happen in the story and the characters contained within it. The latest theories and rumors are focused on everyone’s favorite Destiny 2 Warmind, Rasputin.

The theories come from the addition of 3 new items with Season of the Lost, as detailed by Forbes. The Archangel’s Shell for ghosts, Archangel’s Might ship, and Archangel’s Alacrity sparrow. Each has a distinctive Warmind appearance and the flavor text included with each also suggests Rasputin’s return.

  • Archangel’s Shell: “For Ghosts who watch over humanity.”
  • Archangel’s Might: “Seen lots of things calling themselves gods in this universe. They all fall, one way or another.” -The Drifter
  • Archangel’s Alacrity: “Time will tell what role the Warmind plays in the coming war. I have a hard time believing its story has ended.” – Ikora Rey

Rasputin has been playing a larger role in Destiny with each passing year. One of the first missions in the original title saw guardians working to repair Rasputin’s satellite in the Cosmodrome. Since then, its return was teased in Destiny 2. On Mars, Rasputin was restored to its full strength and vowed to protect humanity and the Sol system from threats. It kept its word until its death at the hands of the Darkness.


Since the arrival of the Darkness, there has been little news regarding Rasputin. Digging into the lore finds that Ana bray managed to transfer a portion of the warmind into an Engram with the aid of her ghost. Additionally, Ana discovered a remnant of Rasputin cycling through the buffer of his now-defunct systems. Given her intimate knowledge of Braytech’s research into and the creation of exos and Rasputin’s own creation of the exo Felwinter, it is likely we’ll see it return in that form.

The real question is if it will return as a guardian. It is possible as the Light might be needed to fully restore Rasputin like how it did with Felwinter. With a return to Mars in The Witch Queen and the return of the Wrath of the Machine raid, some lore explanations will be needed. Perhaps Rasputin is that missing piece. And if Rasputin returns as a guardian, a name change to Archangel makes sense as guardians almost universally adopt a new name for their new life.

It’s highly unlikely that Bungie is finished with Rasputin in any meaningful capacity. The Warmind has been an immensely popular character thanks to several pivotal moments throughout the franchise’s history. It’s likely only a matter of time until its return. Until then, fans will continue to speculate what form that return will manifest in.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Forbes

Source: Gamerant

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