Destiny 2 Sword Skating is Back Thanks to Half-Truths

Exploits are nothing new in the world of Destiny 2, especially when new content opens up for Guardians to sink their teeth into. Whether its the ongoing Telesto damage bugs, 12-player raids, or a classic like Prometheus Lens laser tag, the exploits add an extra layer of chaos to a game where players already have a diverse arsenal of weapons and powers at their fingertips. The release of the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack and event has seen the return of a classic movement exploit into the game, but with some extra juice to it thanks to the right perk combinations.


The Bungie 30th Anniversary even is an in-game celebration of the studio’s history inside the world of Destiny 2, hosted by the exotic vendor Xur and the mysterious starhorse. All players are able to jump into the Dares of Eternity, the new six-player matchmade PvE activity where players can unlock gear inspired by Bungie’s previous games. Players who purchase the anniversary pack also unlock the Grasp of Avarice dungeon, additional loot, and claim the returning Gjallarhorn.

However, one surprise addition players have been keen to point online is the return of sword-skating thanks to the new Half-Truths legendary sword. Reddit user Kyaxel is one of many players on social media sharing their experience and happiness at the movement exploit’s return. The one difference, as Kyaxel shows, is the new perk, Eager Edge, which rolls on the new sword gives a significant boost to sword-skating when players can pull it off.

As mentioned, Eager Edge is a new perk available to roll on Half-Truths which increases the sword’s lunge distance right after a player switches to the weapon. The unintended consequence is players have been able to launch themselves at a significantly higher speed than some instances of sword-skating in the past.

It’s exploits like these that have become the backbone of Destiny 2‘s most dedicated players, who regularly try to speedrun and solo the hardest activities in the game. Sword-skating has been an easy go-to for the former, typically when these players are trying to speed past platforming sections. Examples of this can be regularly seen on the Twitch and YouTube channels of players like Sweatcicle and Gladd, both of whom regularly speedrun dungeons, raids, and master difficulty lost sectors.

The question now is if and when Bungie will look to address this enhanced version of sword-skating. Bungie’s response to some of these exploits tends to vary, depending on how potentially game-breaking it may be. If the team feels this enhanced sword-skating proves to be problematic to the experience, it may not be long for this world.

Destiny 2 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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