Destiny 2 Playlist Activities Have a Reward Problem

Destiny 2 players are asking Bungie to address the lackluster end-of-the-activity rewards for all three core Playlist activities, possibly in a future balance pass. The Playlist activities have long been the central pillars of gateway content for newer players familiarizing themselves with the game or for veterans who are reacclimatizing themselves. At higher levels of player power, these core activities can also become a source of Pinnacle rewards in Destiny 2, thus maintaining the relevancy in the endgame and the cohesion of the player base.


Destiny 2 offers players a choice of three Playlist activities that are available at all times and have little to no barrier to entry. The Vanguard playlist pits players with a selection of Strikes and Battleground activities to test their skills against AI combatants. The Crucible is the premier destination for PvP enthusiasts, with the matches officiated by the illustrious Lord Shaxx. And finally, Gambit offers players a combination of PvE and PvP, with two teams of four racing against each other to bank motes to spawn a Primeval Taken boss while trying to invade and kill the opposing team to halt their progress. While the occasional Gambit match can be fun, the Destiny 2 activity has languished without regular support from Bungie, much to the disappointment of many players.

Lightfall ushered in fundamental changes to several critical gameplay aspects of Destiny 2, with updates to the difficulty of endgame encounters being the most notable change. As a part of the difficulty update, Bungie also reworked the rewards of playlist activity, allowing players to earn focusable engrams instead of direct loot drops. Players such as Hlkaru on Reddit have noted that the rate of engram drops from the three core Playlist activities are pitiful at best and take an excessively long timeframe to accumulate any reasonable amount for target-farming a particular item. Players have also mentioned changes made to engram focusing in Destiny 2 have been steep and have hampered the chase of god rolls further when combined with the lackluster drop rates.

Hlkaru offers a possible solution to this problem by simply guaranteeing an engram drop after each activity completion rather than rolling the dice with RNG. Hlkaru suggests that based on the number of Reputation Rank resets performed by a player, the quantity of guaranteed engram drops can also be increased accordingly. Several players and Hlkaru have mentioned how rewarding Defiant Battlegrounds in Destiny 2 feel with high engram drops and want Bungie to offer the same treatment to the playlist activities.

Bungie has yet to comment on this matter, as they are currently focused on the mid-season balance pass for Primary weapons and PvP of Destiny 2. Players shouldn’t be discouraged, as the developers have expressed their desire to address loot-related issues and other matters in future updates.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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