Destiny 2 Players Want Changes to Eyes of Tomorrow Exotic Rocket Launcher

Destiny 2’s Eyes of Tomorrow Exotic rocket launcher saw a bigger decline in usage after Gjallarhorn was released, and players want it changed.

Because Destiny 2 is at its core a looter shooter game, it’s important to Bungie and the community that each drop feels unique in a way, and that’s the reason why there are random rolls on Legendary items and fixed, game-changing perks on Exotic ones. This creates a good balance with what players can expect to get on build-defining items and what they can expect from the grind for random drops, throwing Raid-exclusive items into the mix for achievement-related loot. Raid Exotics in Destiny 2 can be quite controversial, either because they are too easy to get following a quest, like Divinity in Garden of Salvation, or they can be extremely randomized.


Vex Mythoclast’s drop chance in Vault of Glass has stirred quite a few controversies, and there are many players who haven’t gotten it yet after over 50 runs. The same holds true for Eyes of Tomorrow, the Exotic rocket launcher that comes from the Deep Stone Crypt Raid. The item was never meta, and it only became very popular in Destiny 2‘s Gambit thanks to its multi-lock-on missiles, but the newly released Gjallarhorn simply does its job better.

A Reddit user by the name of whimsybandit shared their idea to buff Eyes of Tomorrow and change it to delve more into its add-clearing role than try to make it a competitive damage option. Currently, Eyes of Tomorrow has a perk called Adaptive Ordnance, which boosts its damage for the next volley after killing four enemies with a single salvo. The proposition includes renaming the existing Eyes on All perk to Godlike Judgment, and adding another perk that’s called May It Extend Eternally, which refunds ammo on kills while Adaptive Ordnance is active.

The perk names are from an in-game quote of the AI from the Deep Stone Crypt Raid, and they would also fit thematically with Eyes of Tomorrow. It may seem disproportionately powerful to make Eyes of Tomorrow generate ammo from thin air, which is what caused Whisper of the Worm to be nerfed out of Destiny 2‘s meta a while ago, but it could also alternate between pulling ammo from thin air and from reserves.

With Eyes of Tomorrow being a random drop from one of Destiny 2‘s Raids, the weapon is all the more underwhelming when compared with Gjallarhorn. Recently, it was even discovered that Destiny 2 players can melt the Lake of Shadows boss faster than before with Gjallarhorn, and Eyes of Tomorrow can’t compete with that sort of damage output.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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