Destiny 2 Players List the Worst Exotics in the Game Before The Witch Queen

Destiny 2 players list what they believe to be the worst Exotics in the game across all three classes in preparation for The Witch Queen.

The Witch Queen expansion is fast approaching, with only a month left until its official release, and there is still a lot to do in Destiny 2 if players want to be fully prepared for the launch. An example is collecting bounties and keeping them completed in the inventory, which can provide a substantial boost to the new Season’s artifact and Season Pass ranks, and that’s something players can start doing now in order to have it all ready for The Witch Queen. Another example comes from collecting all those weapons that are leaving, even momentarily, such as Destiny 2‘s Hawkmoon and Dead Man’s Tale.


Speaking of Exotics, another form of preparation that players often choose to undergo is cleaning their vaults because of the limited amount of space and overwhelming amount of new loot that comes with an expansion the size of The Witch Queen. Unfortunately, several of Destiny 2‘s Exotic items are not great across the board, either because of outdated perks that add nothing to the game or because of nerfs and other changes they underwent in the past. As such, some are believed to be unusable.

A Reddit user called ProxyknifeIsKing shared a post asking fellow Guardians which Exotics they believe to be the worst in the game and why, with their personal choice being Radiant Dance Machine for Hunters. Many other Destiny 2 players agreed, and it doesn’t come as a surprise considering that the Exotic was introduced in Season of the Lost and immediately nerfed into a useless state. This is not the only Hunter Exotic to make the list, as many players included the likes of Sealed Ahamkara Grasps due to Stasis introducing Whisper of Impetus, and Oathkeepers outside of some very niche uses in PvP.

As for Titans, the choice was quite unanimous in stating that Eternal Warrior is hands-down the worst Exotic for the class, considering it provides very little benefit for an already niche subclass. Warlocks have it rough with Apotheosis Veil, considering that it activates its effect after a Super has been used, and that’s been nerfed even further with the adjustments to abilities made via Destiny 2‘s 30th Anniversary Pack.

As for weapons, Destiny 2 players want changes to Eyes of Tomorrow after the release of Gjallarhorn. Overall, these are just some of the worst Exotics, and while some are less worthwhile because of the class or subclass they are associated with, most just need a complete overhaul. Thankfully, Bungie has been making changes to Exotics in the recent past, and it’s likely that more will come with The Witch Queen.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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