Destiny 2 Players Can Redeem a Rare Emblem For Free

Thanks to a promotion, Destiny 2 players can now get the rare Brightwing Emblem for free by following a few steps and watching a stream.

Destiny 2‘s 30th Anniversary Pack was released last Tuesday, and players have been very pleased with its contents and replayability value. In fact, Destiny 2 players already want Dares of Eternity to be the new benchmark for activities to come, which goes to show how much of an impact a good, fun, and rewarding game mode can have on the game’s present – and possibly its future. Dares of Eternity is so successful because it provides an engaging gameplay loop, considering all the enemies rotate randomly in Normal mode, and there are special encounters to be found for even more loot and more fun.


Another important factor that’s contributing to Dares of Eternity’s popularity is that it features plenty of cosmetic items for players to obtain for free. In fact, Destiny 2 players are grinding for Bungie’s weirdest ship yet, which is a sort of space rock that can be unlocked after hitting Rank 16 with Xur’s reputation, and it has a nice glowing comet-like effect in hyperspace as well. Furthermore, players can also get the Marathon-inspired sets for all three classes, which all require a great level of farming the activity for more reputation and Treasure Keys.

Because cosmetic items have become such a great part of Destiny 2, things like rare emblems, Sparrows, and Ships are all very sought-after, albeit often hard to obtain. However, content creator and YouTuber Skarrow9 shared a video today showing how to get a very rare and cool-looking emblem in Destiny 2 completely for free, even though players have to get through some hoops to do so. The process is not necessarily too lengthy nor demanding, but it requires players to visit a bilibili profile on the corresponding website, which might call for a web page translator to go through.

After the account is made, all players need to do in order to claim the Brightwing Emblem in the game is to watch a Destiny 2 stream for around 10 minutes on the website – even though the time may vary – and then get their code. The code can then be redeemed on Bungie’s official website, after logging in with the desired account or platform.

The addition of a transmog system, called Armor Synthesis, has made Destiny 2‘s fashion game much more accessible to all, and also a better experience overall. As such, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some players try to recreate characters from other franchises, like the Destiny 2 player that made a Division-inspired crossover armor set with the 30th Anniversary Pack’s new ornaments.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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