Destiny 2 Player Trolls and Kills Entire Fireteam Using Stasis on Dares of Eternity

One guardian has a laugh at the rest of their team’s expense while running Destiny 2’s anniversary activity, Dares of Eternity.

Stasis has been a point of contention within the Destiny 2 community since its introduction as part of Beyond Light due to how it shook up gameplay and larger ability metas. While frustration has been most common, Stasis has also become a source of comedy for players looking to troll their fireteam members during some activities. One player, in particular, appears to be taking a sense of pride in how they were able to use Stasis to troll their team while inside the 30th Anniversary Event activity, Dares of Eternity.


Dares of Eternity is part of the free content available to all players in Destiny 2‘s 30th Anniversary Event, hosted by the mysterious Xur and even more mysterious Starhorse. The activity pits a team of six guardians against various enemies of humanity randomly chosen by a Wheel of Fortune-esque wheel in two zones before a boss room behind one of three doors, also chosen at random. Players are then rewarded with strange coins and treasure keys used to purchase bounties and open various treasure chests in the event’s social space.

It was before entering the boss room where Reddit user Nosha_Levion let their inner troll out, courtesy of a Stasis wall grenade. The clip posted shows Nosha, well ahead of the rest of their fireteam, heading up the lift when they toss a wall grenade back down. Nosha’s grenade detonates in time to block the rest of the fireteam, all of whom are killed due to the sudden traffic jam. Nosha took a humurous pride in this, saying in the clip’s title it was their “greatest achievement” over going flawless in Trials of Osiris or getting an elusive raid weapon drop.

While humorous, Nosha’s clip is another example of the aforementioned frustrations Stasis continues to cause inside Destiny 2. Crucible players, in particular, were extremely vocal following Beyond Light‘s release about how seemingly unplayable PvP became due to Stasis’ freezing and slowing effects. Bungie has spent well over a year trying to address player frustrations, balancing and nerfing the subclass’ various abilities.

As the clip’s comments show, though, players are more willing to roll with the Stasis trolling when done in certain circumstances. Nosha’s troll moment came at a point in Dares of Eternity where messing with their fireteam in such a manner would not have a major impact on their run. Commentors understand this, sharing how funny they found the clip, but also take the chance to jab at Nosha for trolling their fireteam this way. One was even worried, saying they felt they needed to keep an eye out for this over the next few weeks.

Destiny 2 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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