Destiny 2 Player Showcases the Sheer Power of Khepri’s Horn in PvP

Destiny 2 has many underused Exotics, and one player showcases what Khepri’s Horn can do in the Crucible with the right setup.

Destiny 2 features over a dozen unique Exotic items per class, and this often translates to some being blatantly better than others across various game modes. This is one of the reasons why Bungie has been buffing a few specific Exotic items every Season, hoping players will go back to them and explore new options for their Destiny 2 builds while also offering decent options across the board. An example is the recently buffed Graviton Forfeit, which now allows Hunters to chain invisibility infinitely just by using the Exotic and having 100 Strength.


There are still many Exotics that remain underused even after their changes, as players often find it tough to build around the items and make them effective. Further, the potential outcome is not always worth the investment in terms of in-game actions to perform. Still, there are some Destiny 2 Exotics that are rather easy to use, and players can build upon their primary mechanics with a few mods, eventually having very powerful characters to tackle both PvE content and the Crucible.

A Reddit user by the name of Fatal-Symbiote shared a clip of them playing PvP – particularly, Trials of Osiris – with a Titan Exotic that is barely used by anyone. This is Khepri’s Horn, a helmet that has a unique perk called Solar Rampart, which makes Solar damage kills recharge the Titan’s Barricade ability and also make Barricades unleash a powerful Solar wave that deals AoE damage. The clip shows Fatal-Symbiote turning even the most disadvantageous engagements into wins through a clever placement of their Barricade, which then emits a blast that rapidly annihilates their enemies.

Using Barricades offensively through Khepri’s Horn can net several kills in Destiny 2‘s Crucible, and using bottom tree Sunbreaker Titan as the subclass of choice makes enemies defeated by the Solar wave spawn Sunspots. Sunspots not only regenerate the Titan’s health, but they also regenerate their abilities – including the Barricade – for a great gameplay flow. Then, mods like Utility Kickstart or even Elemental Wells can be paired with this build to always have Barricades up and running.

Sunbreaker Titans are all the rage this Season, especially with mods like Focusing Lens and an array of other Solar-themed artifact mods, making PvE content often seem trivial. In fact, a Destiny 2 player defeated all Raid bosses with seven Throwing Hammers total, proving the point that players shouldn’t sleep on unused combinations or more complex gameplay techniques.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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