Destiny 2 Player Prepares Beautiful Leviathan Patrol Zone Maps for Season 17

A Destiny 2 player releases their Season 17 Leviathan maps for the community to use, solving a potentially major issue with the level.

Bungie launched its Season of the Haunted for Destiny 2 just a couple of days back, and the new content takes place in the same area that once hosted the game’s launch-day raid content: the Leviathan vessel. This time, though, the Leviathan is overgrown with Darkness-infused Egregore fungi and has been repurposed as a fully fledged Patrol Zone for players to explore.

However, an issue that made itself apparent immediately upon release is that Destiny 2‘s Leviathan has no overworld map to speak of. Since the level is twisted and mutated by Egregore, the players’ inability to orient themselves on a bird’s eye map caused confusion and frustration, and one player has taken it upon themselves to resolve this problem once and for all.


Destiny player Luke-HW explained how he “wanted an excuse to make a map” for the level from the very start and decided to use existing in-game Leviathan assets to come up with one that’s not only useful, but also true to Destiny 2‘s core design language. While the pictures Luke-HW provided cannot actually show players where they are at a given moment, they do offer a handy overview of how Destiny 2‘s latest Patrol Zone flows in practice.

Since Season 17 is only just getting started, there’s a reasonably good chance that the Leviathan Patrol Zone might expand further still as time goes on. While this could make Luke-HW’s intricate maps out-of-date, he already said that he would get them updated in short order, so players interested in keeping up with his work shouldn’t worry about the upcoming Season of the Haunted changes.

One potentially meta-defining change that’s already been confirmed, for example, is that Destiny 2 has Solar 3.0 Fragments locked behind community activity completions at this time. According to Bungie’s latest TWAB blog, four all-new Solar ability fragments will only unlock once the community has completed 20 million full instances of the Leviathan’s Nightmare Containment event.

There’s no telling if the Derelict Leviathan Patrol Zone will change in any meaningful capacity as Season of the Haunted goes on, but it wouldn’t be wholly unprecedented for this to happen, especially since the Leviathan originally featured numerous Raids onboard the vessel. Therefore, Destiny 2’s Season 17 returning content isn’t a problem, as it shows that Bungie can repurpose vaulted content to great effect when it makes narrative sense to do so.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Luke-HW (via Reddit)

Source: Gamerant

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