Destiny 2 Player Performs Incredible Freestyle Rap During Crucible Match

A Destiny 2 streamer shows off an impressive showing of an ongoing segment where the player freestyle raps while in the middle of a Crucible match.

Between all of the activities available in Destiny 2, there are few things that can be as taxing and require as much focus as participating in Crucible matches, at least when up against players of equal skill. So, it’s all the more impressive when a player manages to participate in a match with limitations like using low-meta weapons, or splitting their focus on something else that takes concentration away from killing other Destiny 2 players.

This is where streamer Uhmaayyze comes in, with an impressive ongoing segment that involves freestyle rapping while actively fighting off other players during a Crucible match. While this is nothing new for Uhmaayyze, it is still incredible to see whenever the streamer logs into Destiny 2 to stomp through PVP while also splitting focus on freestyle rapping.


The most recent clip shared to Uhmaayyze’s Twitter from the streamer’s Twitch streams has a particularly impressive showcase of skills in both Destiny 2 and the freestyle rapping. For one, the player never dies, even while multitasking on keeping the bars flowing for a full two minutes with enemies popping around from every corner looking for a kill or to capture a zone. During the majority of this gameplay, the streamer generally uses Destiny 2‘s Ace of Spades exotic hand cannon, a powerful weapon that generally requires solid aim to land consistent kills.

Across the two minutes Uhmaayyze manages to pull off four kills in total, with another one having apparently happened before the clip starts that lands the player a kill streak by the very end of the rap. The most impressive part of the gameplay is how the player manages to stay alive the entire time, which can be especially difficult when distracted in Destiny 2‘s Crucible. While some of the other players on Uhmaayyze’s team managed to land more kills, it is hard to say if the difficulty of their multitasking matches up to the streamer all things considered.

This particular showcase of freestyling while playing Destiny 2 is actually the 55th time that Uhmaayyze has done this same thing, at least according to this clip that calls out that number specifically. Considering that both the ability to survive and earn kills in PVP and keep a freestyle going for an extended period are both skills that require a decent amount of practice, this two minutes is a showcase of a decent amount of skill. Of course, Destiny 2‘s hand cannon meta in Crucible does help give any player an edge while gunning against players even of equivalent skill in the most competitive modes.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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