Destiny 2 Player Gets Gambit Cake for their Birthday

Birthday celebrations can take all shapes and sizes, whether it is a simple night out with family to a surprise party put on by friends and family. Regardless of the celebration, a birthday is not complete without a cake to close out the day on a sweet note and, sometimes, pull from the recipients fandom to make it just a little sweeter. One Destiny 2 player got just that with a birthday cake which appears to have come courtesy of the game’s rogue lightbearer and Gambit proprietor, The Drifter.


Gambit and The Drifter was introduced to Destiny 2 as part of 2018’s Forsaken expansion, pitting two teams of guardians against each other in the game’s take on competitive co-op. The two teams are dropped into zones to kill enemies, collect motes, and bank them in a race to summon and kill a boss enemy to win. However, a player from the opposing team is able to invade after a set amount of motes have been banked to try and slow down the opposing team’s progress.

Reddit user PharEway shared the Gambit-themed cake they received from their girlfriend as a birthday surprise. The cake, itself, is black and topped with the interlocking twin-snake coin present across Gambit on The Drifter’s coins, pendant, weapons, and gear. Unfortunately, PharEway did not clarify the cake’s flavor or if the snake sigil was baked into the cake, itself, or just a frosting design.

Despite these lingering questions, other users were quick to praise the work put into the cake’s design to mark PharEway’s birthday. A common message in the comments is telling PharEway that their girlfriend is a keeper if she was willing to put this much time and effort into a Destiny 2 birthday cake. This is typically followed by comments playing on the various quotes Drifter throws out while inside Gambit, with a common one being “Cake! Bring a fork!”

The timing was seemingly perfect, as well, with The Dawning currently going on inside of Destiny 2, tasking players with baking delicious treats for all the player’s allies across the system.

All that said, one lingering question beyond how good the cake was is whether or not PharEway is indeed a fan of Gambit. While the PvPvE mode was initially well-received when Forsaken was released, its popularity appears to have waned as time has gone on despite changes by Bungie meant to streamline the experience. A quick scroll through social media will now find most players complaining about the mode in one form or another, ranging from out-and-out criticism to memes and clips trying to get a laugh out of other players.

Destiny 2 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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