Destiny 2 Player Discovers Small Yet Massive Detail in Recent Teaser Trailer For The Witch Queen Expansion

By GR Staff

One Destiny 2 player notices a potentially major detail in a recent teaser trailer for the Witch Queen expansion hiding under everyone’s noses.

One player in the Destiny 2 community noticed a potentially major detail in a recent teaser trailer for the Witch Queen expansion hiding under everyone’s noses.

Recently, Bungie released a teaser for Destiny 2‘s upcoming Witch Queen expansion that gives more insight into the expansion’s main destination, Savathun’s throne world. With every new trailer release, many players thoroughly analyze what the trailer holds, and this teaser holds something that can play a massive role in the story.


On January 12th, 2022, player Darkside Royalty uploaded a video of him giving his own analysis on the Witch Queen teaser. At one point in the teaser, he draws attention to a scene where guardians stand right below a statue as waves of thrall swarm them. This statue in particular depicts Oryx, one of the series’ biggest antagonists, slaying what appears to be Akka, a wormgod. What stands out about this statue, in Darkside Royalty’s eyes, is the fact that Oryx has a set of wings. Another detail he takes note of is the fact that according to Savathun in the teaser, her throne world “is indistinguishable from [her] own mind.” Given these facts, the community’s understanding of Oryx might not be what everyone realizes.

In Destiny‘s universe, Oryx did not originally have wings, and when he was his weaker form, Oryx was originally known as Aurash and later Auryx. In fact, Oryx only grew wings after he slayed Akka. Because the statue does not correlate to what players already understand about Oryx, the statue could suggest several things: the statue might actually be Savathun’s memorial of Oryx, the lore surrounding Oryx could be riddled with lies, or Savathun’s throne world is full of lies, especially given her nature as the god of cunning.

While this one statue in Savathun’s throne world puts some of the most notable lore into question, it might also not be important at all. In fact, the tagline for this expansion is “survive the truth.” Savathun’s throne world will be filled with lies and deceit, and Bungie might be wanting players to wade through what is true and what is false.

On the other hand, Bungie might also be turning this piece of lore on its head. Players’ knowledge of Oryx and his sisters comes from a section of lore called the Books of Sorrow. If an important piece of lore such as the Books of Sorrow has such falsehoods, then that fact alone would put into the question the legitimacy of the backstory behind Oryx, his sisters, and the Hive species. However, players will have to wait and see until the release of the Witch Queen expansion on February 22nd, 2022.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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