Destiny 2 Player Completes Legend Lost Sector in 34 Seconds

Destiny 2 has plenty of builds for players to toy with, and one of them managed to complete a Legend difficulty Lost Sector in 34 seconds.

One of the features that have the potential to be both fun and incredibly rewarding in Destiny 2 is crafting builds, as in thinking of peculiar combinations between weapon loadouts, armor pieces, Exotics, and mods. There is a lot of decision-making involved in this process, and some builds are inherently better than others depending on the current state of Destiny 2‘s sandbox. For example, prior to the release of the 30th Anniversary Pack and its sandbox update, Shatterdive Hunters were dominating the PvP meta because they were capable of one-shotting enemies rather easily.


Destiny 2‘s PvE is often more varied in terms of popular builds, and while some of them are better in specific scenarios, there are also others that are universally good, no matter the content one is facing. The epitome of this logic is a quite popular Titan build that uses middle tree Sunbreaker combined with shotguns and Throwing Hammers to deal outstanding damage to bosses and generally tougher enemies. This build was even used more recently to defeat the Grasp of Avarice boss in one melee hit.

A Reddit user by the name of CrispoKringle shared a clip of them using their Titan in the Chamber of Starlight Legend Lost Sector, defeating multiple Unstoppable Champions in a row, and then the final boss, all within 34 seconds. The time also includes the player walking to the chest at the end of the Lost Sector and opening it. This is achieved with a One-Two Punch Shotgun combined with the Sunbreaker’s intrinsic benefits from using Throwing Hammers and the Roaring Flames perk for more damage output.

Using Synthoceps also goes a long way for Titans focusing on Destiny 2 melee builds, as they increase the effective range of melee attacks and also the damage they deal if players are surrounded. This further stacks with other buffs that can come from sources like Tractor Cannon and Elemental Well mods, which work very well in general, but it’s not something CrispoKringle actually uses in their run.

Instead, they use an Eager Edge sword that allows them to sword skate across the Lost Sector with great momentum, allowing them to further reduce the amount of time needed to complete the activity. The loadout is fully optimized for speed and maximum damage with Throwing Hammers, but Destiny 2 has many other facets to build-making that would suit other combinations as well.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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