Destiny 2 Makes Big Change to Eerie Engrams


  • Bungie has increased the drop rate for Eerie Engrams during Festival of the Lost, making them easier to obtain for Destiny 2 players.
  • Players can earn candy and wear masks to participate in unique activities called Haunted Sectors and challenge Headless Ones for rewards and weapons.
  • The drop rate for Eerie Engrams has been increased in the normal Haunted Sectors playlist, while the drop rate in the Legendary Haunted Sectors playlist remains unchanged but offers a bigger challenge.

Bungie alters the drop rate for Eerie Engrams during Festival of the Lost, making them easier to obtain for Destiny 2 players. Festival of the Lost is Destiny 2‘s take on Halloween, dressing up the social zone known as The Tower with candles, spider webs, jack o’ lanterns, and plenty of spooky sound effects. Destiny 2 players can also wear masks of various NPCs or enemies to earn candy while also taking on unique activities called Haunted Sectors where they can challenge Headless Ones to earn unique rewards and weapons.

The event itself is only available for a few weeks, and while the core loop is largely the same as it has been, Bungie made a few tweaks for this year’s version. Eerie Engrams are a new resource that players may find after playing through Haunted Lost Sectors and as expected, they can be brought back to Eva Levante for focusing. Destiny 2 players can use them to earn one of the Festival of the Lost weapons, or they can be used in conjunction with candy to be focused into exotic gear. However, many players have had a tougher than expected time earning Eerie Engrams, which are completely randomized rewards.

Thankfully for players, Bungie has altered the drop rate of Eerie Engrams. In a new announcement over social media, the official Bungie Support account revealed that the drop rate for Eerie Engrams have been increased for the normal Haunted Sectors playlist. However, the post also made sure to mention that Destiny 2‘s new Legendary Haunted Sectors playlist has been left unchanged as the drop rate there is already higher than the other playlist if players don’t mind taking on a bigger challenge.

The change has been met with positivity from the community who praised the update especially for those who have been procrastinating on participating on the Halloween-inspired event to this point. Others took the opportunity to comment on the Festival of the Lost Momento drop rates, which many have said feels much too rare. As players have discovered, the unique Lost Momento can be continuously earned through opening Eerie Engrams once the initial Twilight Triumph has been completed and the memento used. However, the drop rate from opening Eerie Engrams appears to be fairly low, with some players needing to open over 20 Eerie Engrams before seeing it drop.

In addition to feedback, fans have been left feeling a bit frustrated over the practice of spending premium currency like Silver on masks inside of Destiny 2‘s Eververse store. The arguement is that these masks becomes functionally useless once Festival of the Lost comes to an end, with their power levels plummeting to 0, so the idea of spending money to buy them in order to use them for a few weeks doesn’t seem to make sense to a lot of players.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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