Destiny 2 Is Getting a Mid-Season Buff for Primary Weapons

Bungie, the studio behind Destiny 2, has announced a buff for the Primary weapon category later in the season. Players have long been asking for a facelift for the bread-and-butter weapon class, and the difficulty spike in Destiny 2: Lightfall has helped to shine the spotlight on the lackluster state of Primaries. While certain weapons like the Osteo Striga SMG have managed to break the pattern thanks to incredible perk combinations, most Primary weapon archetypes have fallen victim to the gradual power creep.


At its core, Destiny 2 is a looter-shooter that allows players to engage enemies with various weapons, occasionally switching up the gunplay with magical abilities. A central pillar of the robust gunplay in Destiny 2 is the viability of every weapon archetype, enabling players to experiment and find a combination of armaments they are comfortable with. The massive arsenal of Destiny 2 is not just for show either, with each weapon type serving a unique function. These distinctions can be easily made by the ammunition type used by weapons, as Primary ammo-based weapons are generally tasked with fighting weaker mobs, with Special and Heavy ammo-based weapons reserved for taking down boss-type enemies.

In recent seasons, the gameplay in Destiny 2 has shifted from focusing on guns to spamming as many abilities as possible. With the contest mode of the controversial Destiny 2 Raid Root of Nightmares in mind, players have pointed out that only the SMGs retain viability in endgame scenarios and have urged Bungie to remedy the ailing Primary weapon categories in a future patch. Listening to the feedback, Bungie announced via Destiny 2 Team Twitter page that a mid-season balance pass with buffs to the Primary weapons is in the works. The tweet clarified that the balance pass would not reduce the damage values of SMGs, something many Destiny 2 players were concerned about.

The tweet further noted that PvP would receive an update in the future, including changes to the Exotic SMG Tarrabah and Legendary Ikelos SMG from last season. Conversations in the comment section indicated that the developers are working on many more balance changes in Destiny 2 but otherwise refused to provide concrete details. This future balance pass will be the first to address an entire weapon category since the launch of Lightfall when Machine Guns and Grenade Launchers received massive damage boosts across the board.

In light of recent controversies surrounding Destiny 2, this decision to strengthen players is a welcome change for the community. However, with several glaring issues lingering after the latest patch and new bugs popping up, the possibility of a delay remains high.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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