Destiny 2 Hunters Can Chain Invisibility Infinitely

Destiny 2 Hunters can take advantage of the reworked Graviton Forfeit and a Strength-based build to chain invisibility at will.

Destiny 2 players can use combinations of armor pieces, Exotic items, mods, and guns to achieve unique and interesting loadouts, which often can result in very powerful builds. Hunters are often less useful than Warlocks or Titans in PvE content, especially since Well of Radiances stopped synergizing with Focusing Lens and other buffs in the 30th Anniversary Pack. Hunters are mostly great picks in specific niches, like having a dedicated support player that makes the whole team invisible through the Omnioculus Exotic chest armor, or debuffing powerful foes with their Tether ability.


Still, Hunter players who like to tackle Destiny 2‘s content alone can also do so with other builds, of course, with the likes of Blade Barrage and melee damage Arcstrider being very viable options. Another good option comes from Graviton Forfeit, an Exotic helm that increases the duration of invisibility effects, as well as makes melee abilities recharge faster while invisible. Graviton Forfeit also boosts the reload speed of all weapons and increases the Hunter’s Recovery while invisible, making it a great alternative to Omnioculus.

YouTuber and content creator Esoterickk shared a video demonstrating that Destiny 2 Hunters can now chain invisibility infinitely just by having Graviton Forfeit and 100 Strength for their build. In fact, the increased invisibility duration from Graviton Forfeit combined with 100 Strength and the faster melee recharge rate allows players to get their Smoke Bomb in time to use it again when the invisibility ends – that is, unless players break out of it by shooting or performing other actions. This combo also provides players with a margin for versatility with their stats, as they can stack Heart of the Pack up to 3 times for increased Mobility, Resilience, and Recovery.

Destiny 2 Hunters were also nerfed in terms of their Dodge abilities, with Marksman’s Dodge going up by three seconds in its cooldown, and Gambler’s Dodge going from 11 seconds to 18. This is also based on T10 Mobility, meaning that having lower than that can penalize Hunters’ Dodges even more, but this loadout only uses Gambler’s Dodge as a backup for emergencies, making it less critical to the core gameplay flow.

For those players who like to dish out more damage, a Destiny 2 player shared an effective DPS build for Hunters in PvE that uses Stasis and Elemental Well mods. This can be a great alternative to Graviton Forfeit, which is more focused on survivability, not alerting enemies, and cheesing through areas in order to cut down on completion times.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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