Destiny 2: Hunter-Exclusive Sword Can Outdamage Falling Guillotine With Aerial Combos

Destiny 2 players can acquire class-exclusive swords, and the Hunters’ Quickfang can deal more damage than Falling Guillotine with aerial combos.

Something that became very apparent in Season of the Splicer is that all three of Destiny 2‘s class-exclusive swords can be very different in terms of performance based on several factors. In Season of the Splicer, Crown-Splitter was incredibly strong thanks to the interaction between its heavy attack and the Energy Accelerant artifact mod, which increased the Titan sword AoE damage. Warlocks and Hunters also have their own exclusive swords, but neither of them can usually outshine other options for various reasons.


Warlocks can use a Legendary sword called Eternity’s Edge, which comes with the Infinite Guard perk and has been changed to Vortex Frame, which provides a valid alternative to Falling Guillotine by being a Solar weapon. Destiny 2 Hunters can rely on Quickfang, which is a rather swift blade that also makes the user faster while wielding it, and it comes with a set of unique moves that players can perform. That’s precisely what a recent video from YouTuber and content creator Prelapse breaks down, showcasing Quickfang’s aerial combo and creating a DPS spreadsheet for players to use.

Destiny 2 players willing to execute the aerial combo for Quickfang have to jump and immediately afterward perform a light attack, which should then be followed by a heavy attack while still mid-air. This can be repeated again and again by jumping and then repeating the process, which provides Quickfang users with a decent damage output on bosses, which is especially efficient in terms of ammo consumption and damage per sword ammo. The result is that, in Prelapse’s test that compared a Falling Guillotine and a Quickfang, the latter came out on top in terms of DPS by around 4.3%.

This is also achieved on a Falling Guillotine with Relentless Strike and Whirlwind Blade, which is the ideal PvE roll for the sword, and a Relentless Strike Quickfang that also sports En Garde – which doesn’t really increase boss DPS anyway. The test was executed with both weapons having Boss Spec as their mod, and Prelapse used double Sword Reserves mods to increase the maximum ammo capacity for swords. This is not optimal in terms of survivability, however, and it should be noted that the main difference between these Destiny 2 swords is that Quickfang maintains higher DPS more easily.

Hunters haven’t been in a great spot in PvE as of the 30th Anniversary Pack, though, and they often lack the utility and the damage provided by Warlocks and Titans. Still, a Destiny 2 player shared an effective DPS build for Hunters in PvE, which makes good use of Elemental Well mods and Stasis, and it provides the cloak-wearing class with huge buff uptime.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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