Destiny 2 Hints at Balance Changes and Returning Weapon for Next Season

Bungie hints at making balancing changes to the Dead Man’s Tale and Lorentz Driver exotics while also teasing the Halfdan-D auto rifle’s return.

Bungie normally releases a patch with every Destiny 2 season that not only sees the addition of new content, but updates for the game’s sandbox. With the Witch Queen expansion right around the corner, Bungie is starting to hint more at what’s coming next month.

With every Destiny 2 content release, Bungie gives players both a mix of new and returning weapons and armor. For next season, Bungie appears to be bringing back the Halfdan-D auto rifle in addition to balancing two exotic weapons: the Dead Man’s Tale scout rifle and Lorentz Driver linear fusion rifle.


DMG, one of Bungie’s community managers, replied to some tweets asking the studio to bring back certain weapons or to make changes to the Destiny 2 sandbox. Twitter user Gleaux tweeted about wanting to see the Halfdan-D auto rifle return, to which DMG replied underneath with a thinking-face emoji. In another tweet by user GamerGirlGrey asking for nerfs to Dead Man’s Tale and the Lorentz Driver, DMG made the same exact response. While players know that Destiny 2 will see a sandbox patch by the time the Witch Queen expansion releases, Bungie has yet to provide exact details about its content.

Halfdan-D is an auto rifle that was a part of the original weapon set from Destiny 2‘s launch back in 2017. This auto rifle did not have random rolls, but when Forsaken launched, Bungie reprised Halfdan-D with a pool of new perks before sunsetting the gun in 2020. Dead Man’s Tale and Lorentz Driver, despite already receiving nerfs, are still very dominant in the Crucible, mostly because of their ease of use. Bungie has had to nerf weapon handling before, such as with Destiny 2‘s famous Vex Mythoclast, so Bungie might make the same changes for these weapons – though nothing is confirmed.

The return of Halfdan-D may excite players, while the thought of nerfing Dead Man’s Tale and Lorentz Driver might disappoint others, especially because they easily fulfill the space cowboy fantasy some players have. However, a potential nerf to both of these exotics may be necessary.

Both Dead Man’s Tale and Lorentz Driver are excellent PVP choices for dishing out massive damage over long ranges, and tuning down these guns can open up loadout options instead of locking players into one play-style. Even if Bungie doesn’t nerf them, these two exotics will lose their sources come Witch Queen, so players who don’t own either weapon will want to get them now.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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