Destiny 2 Community Praises Bungie’s Communication and Openness

The Destiny 2 community reflects on Bungie’s current approach to communication, comparing it with what some other game developers have been doing.

The Destiny 2 community seems to be quite happy with the way the developer, Bungie, has been communicating as of late. As one of the most popular live-service games on the market, Destiny 2 is an ever-changing product that needs to clearly signal what’s going to happen to it both in the short and in the long term, and the active community managers seem to be doing a good job.

While Bungie did have a few notable hiccups early in Destiny 2‘s lifetime, such as the infamous XP throttle fiasco during Year 1, the company has since turned a page, and the community does appreciate this approach. As some community members have highlighted, this is sometimes taken entirely for granted.


Specifically, Reddit user Nohopeforhumanity- has posted a thread comparing Bungie’s common blog posts and the overall eagerness to communicate with the player base with Call of Duty development studios, most of which don’t commonly provide development insights and plans ahead of time. Infinity Ward is known for minimal communication, for example, which sits in stark contrast to what Bungie’s community managers have accomplished over the years. The “This Week At Bungie” blog posts, in particular, have been highlighted as an excellent way of keeping the community up-to-date.

Aside from the aforementioned TWAB posts, Bungie also occasionally posts in-depth summaries of what’s coming to the game in the future. The recent Destiny 2 build crafting blog is the latest in a long line of such announcements. Its purpose is twofold: it’s an easy way of keeping the player base informed and, in some cases, it helps hype the community up for the next major content release, such as the upcoming Lightfall DLC.

Underlining these avenues of communication further still is Bungie’s all-new Destiny 2 community manager Twitter account, which will be used to deliver anonymous rapid-fire context on the ongoing problems, concerns, and developments that have something to do with the game itself. It is unfortunate, of course, what may have spurred this Twitter account into being.

Specifically, Bungie recently dealt with a bout of harassment from some Destiny 2 community members. Some Bungie employees and developers got singled out for commenting on certain development choices, which eventually led to a series of death threats and other assorted toxicity. The new Twitter account should help alleviate some of these issues, as it’s no longer going to be clear which Bungie employee is using it to share information.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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