Destiny 2 Community Discusses Imbalance in Crucible Lobbies and Matchmaking

Destiny 2 players unite to discuss the current issues with Crucible matchmaking and lobby balancing that have been running rampant lately.

Destiny 2 features several game modes and activity types that match the needs of players, with a wide selection of what they can do to get better loot or simply play the ones they like the most. The Crucible is still one of those activities that anyone ends up playing because it caters to casual PvP players who want to get Pinnacle gear or those who like to fare against other Guardians as a competitive mode. While Trials of Osiris offers the ultimate competitive mode across the various playlists available in the Crucible, Destiny 2 players still regularly engage with all the other modes.


One of the most lamented issues with the Crucible is how imbalanced certain matches can be, with some weapons or abilities being over the top in terms of damage or performance, and the matchmaking system being flawed. Bungie usually addresses the former with sandbox patches in-between Seasons, but Destiny 2 players can still be matched with allies or foes that have wildly different Power Levels and elo ratings.

A Redditor called Why_Cry_1 shared a post stating that they find the current matchmaking system to be very imbalanced, as they are often matched with lower-level allies and against opponents that have much better chances at winning. The post gained a lot of traction within the community, and other Guardians chimed in stating that they had similar experiences with Destiny 2‘s Crucible lobby balancing, which led them to believe that entirely random teams would probably end up being more optimized than the current system does. This issue has been present for a long time, and over the past few weeks, it became even more apparent through several posts highlighting just as much – especially in Iron Banner.

There is also an issue with balancing teams against the so-called three-stacks or six-stacks, which are premade fireteams that are matched with random players that have no coordination with one another because they mostly are solo players. The issue seems to be based on the way the game places players into the two competing teams, creating ones that are mostly projected to win and others that are mostly projected to lose. This means that, on average, Destiny 2 Crucible matches are not on a 40% vs. 60% chance to win or lose, but rather the spread between those projections is much higher.

A recent Destiny 2 clip showed a player dominating Control using a powerful SMG, and while the roll on the weapon was one of the factors why they could do this, it’s also possible that awful matchmaking played a part as well. Here’s hoping that some changes will be made with The Witch Queen expansion, coming in under a month.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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