Destiny 2 Clip Shows Player Dominating Control Using Powerful SMG

A Destiny 2 player has posted a clip of them tearing through a number of enemies in the Crucible using an impressively powerful SMG.

A well-rolled weapon can make all the difference in any activity available in Destiny 2, from the newest dungeons to the PVP game modes that the Crucible offers. In a recent clip highlighting some incredible gameplay within the Crucible’s Control playlist, one player shows off both their skill in the game along with the utility of a powerful SMG.

This latest clip is made all the more interesting with the choice of weapon taken into the Control match, at least when considering how most fans feel about the SMG weapon class in Destiny 2. While some players have obviously been able to succeed in clutch combat encounters with this weapon type, the guns that spray the most bullets haven’t always consistently been the best for the series’ meta.


The clip itself shows player OmniBread fighting off a large group of players, with the perks on their SMG, the Cold Front, helping them kill not only some of the back-up but also melt a respawning player before they have time to react. Normally, players in Destiny 2‘s Crucible modes spawn in with an overshield in the moments before control is given back and they can start fighting others and defending themselves. What’s impressive about the SMG in this clip, is that it was able to quickly burn through that overshield and kill the opposing player so quickly that the game hadn’t even given them a chance to run, defend, or even fight back.

Much of the damage was a result of landing consistent fire from the Cold Front SMG onto the enemy player, but the perks attached also helped to give it the necessary push to take down so many enemies. Specifically, it was the Harmony perk that this Cold Front had that put its damage over the top, having gained a power buff after getting a kill with another player. Since OmniBread was able to land an impressive sniper shot before turning on the remaining enemies, the Harmony perk made this one of Destiny 2‘s more impressive SMGs for that moment.

Aside from the initial snipe and the melting of the respawning player, the example of gameplay being shown off by OmniBread remains impressive as several players quickly converge on them. It’s always interesting to see how good some players have gotten as Destiny 2 has grown since launch and the community has grown with it. There is never a shortage of incredible showcases of skill, and the right rolls seem to be able to make most weapons in the game reliable in the right hands.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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