Destiny 2 Bringing Back Devil’s Lair Nightfall and Team Scorched Next Week

Destiny 2’s next weekly reset will present gamers with the Devil’s Lair as the featured Nightfall and Team Scorched as the featured Crucible mode.

Every weekly reset for Destiny 2 always offers something to chase, and next week will present players with a couple of surprises for the playlist activities. With the season’s closure approaching fast, players will want to hop on next week to take advantage of what it offers.

Destiny 2‘s weekly resets alter the Eververse items on sale, refresh the playlist powerful and pinnacle rewards, and rotate playlist maps and missions. The January 25th reset will bring players a familiar strike as the featured Nightfall and a fan-favorite Crucible game-mode: Devil’s Lair and Team Scorched.


Next week’s featured Nightfall will be the classic Destiny 1 Devil’s Lair strike in its reprised glory. Additionally, players who enjoy Destiny 2‘s PVP can launch themselves into the fiery inferno that is the Team Scorched game mode. Another surprise is that the week will see double reputation for players who want to hop into Gambit. Thus, this week is perfect for finishing up gilding the Dredgen title or focus on acquiring the Gambit ornament for the Ascendency rocket launcher. Beyond the playlists, players can also expect a rotation in the weekly raid challenges, Clovis Bray’s Simulations, and other destination activities.

destiny 2 final boss of the devil's lair strike cosmodrome void energy servitor destiny 1

The Devil’s Lair Nightfall will be dropping the Plug One.1 fusion rifle and the Uzume RR4 sniper rifle. Players looking to farm the Nightfall will want to pick up several weapon rolls. For the Plug One.1, Feeding frenzy and Reservoir Burst is a top tier option for the PVE side of the game, while a roll with Under Pressure and Kickstart is good for PVP. Players looking for the Uzume RR4 will want Triple Tap and Vorpal Weapon for PVE and Snapshot and Vorpal Weapon/Demolitionist for PVP. If farming the Nightfall is not something that interests players, then Team Scorched is a good mode to use for some casual gaming.

While the Crucible will be fun with the Team Scorched game-mode making its appearance, the Devil’s Lair Nightfall is rather time-consuming for those who want to work towards this week’s weapons. This strike on Grandmaster difficulty may take anywhere from 25 to 30 minutes, but because this strike has a number of good spots to stay protected in, a coordinated fireteam shouldn’t find this strike troubling – especially when running overload bows and a stasis warlock.

With the Witch Queen expansion almost one month away, now is also the best time to start stocking up on endgame materials such as Ascendant Shards or Enhancement Prisms. Players who are already prepared will find enjoyment in this week’s Crucible mode, though. Soon enough, Bungie will bring the season to a close, and everyone will find out what will happen to Savathun, the next expansion’s main antagonist.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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