Destiny 2 Bringing Back 1 Old and 1 New Trials Weapon for S16

As part of the introduction of Season 16, Destiny 2 is bringing back an old weapon for Trials of Osiris, alongside a new weapon.

It’s an exciting time to be a Destiny 2 fan. With the Witch Queen expansion on the horizon, many are predicting some major story elements coming to the universe of Destiny 2, as well as with new end game dungeons for players. Alongside the launch of the Witch Queen DLC, Destiny 2 developer Bungie has outlined some changes that will be coming with the launch of the new Season 16.

Bungie is bringing some quality of life changes to other elements of Destiny 2 as well including changes to the Vanguard Strikes playlist, which is now being renamed Vanguard Ops, and the reveal of two new Nightfall weapons. Bungie took to its website to highlight all the changes that will be coming to Destiny 2 in the coming weeks in a “This Week At Bungie” post. This has become common place each week in order to maintain a point of contact between the company and the loyal Destiny 2 players that have kept the game as popular as it is for nearly five years.


The Trials of Osiris is a competitive PvP game mode available to Destiny 2 players who have purchased the latest annual expansion, which is currently Beyond Light, though Witch Queen will next be required once it launches. The Trials of Osiris map and loot drops change with each week in Destiny 2, with the best loot saved for those who can complete the Trials of Osiris in a flawless run. With the introduction of Season 16, Bungie teased two guns that will be available in upcoming Trials of Osiris runs. They highlighted a returning favorite through a picture, but ultimately didn’t reveal anything about the upcoming new one.

Bungie’s experiments with the Trials of Osiris game mode has been criticized by fans since its introduction, however it seems Bungie may have listened to the criticism. Alongside the start of Season 16, Destiny 2 is changing the way players gain Reputation, accelerating the gain for players after Bungie revealed that Reputation Ranks were being approached differently than they had first anticipated.

In terms of numbers, the Trials Reputation gain will be increased by fifty percent or more for Destiny 2 players who aren’t constantly attempting to go for the flawless runs and gear. Sadly though, where “The Witch Queen” is concerned, players will not be able to have an accelerated Reputation gain for what Bungie terms as “technical reasons.”

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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