Demiurge Studios Hiring For FPS PvP Shooter

A new job listing from Demiurge Studios suggests that the developer is cooking up a new first-person shooter with a major focus on PvP.

Massachusetts-based independent developer Demiurge Studios may not ring a bell for many. While it has contributed to influential titles such as Medal of Honor: Airborne, BioShock, and Mass Effect, the studio rarely releases proprietary works. Now a subsidiary of Saber Interactive, best known at the moment for the Bruce Campbell-led Evil Dead: The Game, Demiurge Studios seems to be gearing up for something big as indicated by a new job listing.

As per the developer’s website, Demiurge Studios is currently looking full-time Combat Designer with a particular forte for FPS PvP gameplay. Of course, any solid details pertaining to the project have been withheld, though the listing does mention that the game will be developed in the Unreal Engine. While the developer does have a history of collaborating with larger studios on major FPS titles, very little of Demiurge Studios’ portfolio suggests an expertise in PvP-driven multiplayer.


The studio gained notoriety in the mid-2000s thanks to its assistance with the Ubisoft series Brothers in Arms and the EA franchises Medal of Honor and Mass Effect. Beyond that, it has contributed to the development of FPS titles like the original Borderlands and the critically underwhelming 2012 shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines. It’s an eclectic background that could contribute to an innovative new FPS experience in the near future, but, with so many questions unanswered, it’s hard to know what fans should expect.

Saber Interactive, on the other hand, has quite a history with multiplayer-focused first and third-person shooters. Cutting its teeth on cult classic seventh-gen shooters such as TimeShift and Inversion, it went on to play a part in Microsoft’s Halo: The Master Chief Collection as well as the recent reincarnations of the Crysis franchise. Most recently mentioned alongside the forthcoming Painkiller comeback, there’s no denying Saber Interactive’s repertoire within the FPS multiplayer genre.

Furthermore, Painkiller may actually prove to be an important name in this instance. The franchise has lain dormant since 2012, and, given the increased interest in the old-school FPS style as evidenced by titles like ULTRAKILL, DUSK, and the recent DOOM games, it seems like a great time for Painkiller to make a comeback. Plus, Saber Interactive helped with the development of Id Software’s free-to-play multiplayer title Quake Champions, so a similarly-styled sequel to Painkiller likely wouldn’t be out of the question. Time will tell what Demiurge and Saber Interactive have planned, but, at the moment, it certainly seems like something on which FPS fans ought to keep an eye.

Source: Gamerant

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