Deathloop to Be the First to Receive AMD FSR 2.0

AMD is launching the next iteration of its image upscaling technology, and Arkane Studios’ first-person shooter Deathloop is the first in line.

Despite receiving high praise, not much has been said about Deathloop as of late. However, with the Xbox and Bethesda Games showcase happening soon, there’s a chance that Arkane Studios’ time loop FPS could be cropping up during discussions, especially as it’s due to come to Game Pass at some point. In the meantime, the game will be receiving an update. Specifically, it’s set to be the first in line to get AMD’s latest version of the tech giant’s upscaling algorithm.


According to a recent press release, AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution, or FSR, 2.0 is due to launch, with Deathloop getting support for it some time today. The open-source “visual enhancement” toolkit is the rival AI to Nvidia’s DLSS, or Deep Learning Super Sampling, with 1.0 of team red’s equivalent estimated to support more than 80 games. While Deathloop will be the first to get 2.0, there are a number of other titles that will also receive it over the next few months.

Other games that are scheduled to get support for FSR 2.0 include Microsoft Flight Simulator, EVE Online, Forspoken, and the agricultural hit Farming Simulator 22. On top of that, AMD also spoke in the press release about the recent launch of the RX 6X50 refresh graphics card range. For those who are unaware, upscaling refers to a specific form of artificial intelligence that improves visual quality. In a nutshell, it works by redrawing pixels onscreen, rendering them in a higher resolution without compromising hardware. The end result is that the game will appear to run at a higher resolution as though it were doing so natively. The likes of FSR and DLSS have become an industry standard in this modern age.

A couple of months ago, AMD showed off FSR 2.0 in Deathloop, allowing people to see the effect it has on the game’s graphical fidelity. In the current video game climate, there is a lot of focus on improved visuals, and while some may not be not overly concerned with it, there are some “graphical purists” who want to see more bang for their buck.

As one of the best spy espionage games in recent history, Deathloop has helped to keep Arkane Studios on the map. And with Redfall due out this summer, there’s clearly no slowing down for the French developer. Those who already have Deathloop should be able to update to AMD’s FSR 2.0 at some point today.

Deathloop is available now for PC and PS5.

Source: AMD, DSO Gaming

Source: Gamerant

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