Dead Space Remake Gives Closer Look at Isaac’s New Face

The Dead Space remake is making some serious changes to protagonist Isaac Clarke, which includes a brand-new face.

The upcoming Dead Space remake is changing protagonist Isaac Clarke’s face, and thanks to the latest trailer, fans have been treated to a closer look at it. While the Dead Space remake is expected to be mostly faithful to the original game, it is still making some big changes. Based on what’s been revealed so far, it seems some of the biggest changes in store for the Dead Space remake revolve around Isaac Clarke.

In the original Dead Space game, Isaac was a mute protagonist. EA decided to give Isaac a voice in the Dead Space sequels, which made his lack of a personality in the original game a bit odd when looking at the franchise as a whole. Isaac will have a voice in the Dead Space remake, which should ensure that he’s a more interesting character than he was in the original. Many fans were happy with the news that longtime Isaac Clarke voice actor Gunner Wright would be returning to voice the character in the Dead Space remake, but others have been less enthusiastic about the character’s new face.


Fans have known about Isaac’s new face in the Dead Space remake for some time, but the latest trailer has given them their closest look at it yet. As seen in the Dead Space remake launch trailer, Isaac’s face has changed dramatically in the new game. He now has red hair, a longer, narrower face, and vastly different facial features when compared to his original look. It’s unclear why EA Motive decided to change Isaac’s appearance in the Dead Space remake, but perhaps it was because his original look was fairly generic. Whatever the case may be, fans have had a mixed reaction to the face change.

Twitter user RuleTimeSpace uploaded a comparison showing how Isaac looks in the original version of Dead Space compared to how he looks like in the remake. This really underscores just how much of a difference there is between Isaac’s original design and his appearance in the 2023 game, though it still shouldn’t be that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. While Isaac’s face will be shown in some cutscenes, for the most part, Isaac will be in a suit for most of the Dead Space remake anyway.

The iconic Dead Space suit is coming back in the remake, meaning Isaac is going to be covered in bulky armor from head to toe throughout most of the game. Considering this, changes to Isaac’s face will probably go ignored by many who pick up the game later this month.

Dead Space launches January 27 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

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Source: Gamerant

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